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By 8:30, Casper had finally learned to ride a two-wheeler bike.

By 9:45, Casper had lost her 8th tooth. (I pulled it out for her!)

By 10:15, Michael returned from a quick run to the pet store to buy cat food with an adolescent cat. Simon is male, 6 months old, healthy except for some conjunctivitis under treatment. Voila:

fluffy tail
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Dillo had a tooth pulled today. He was okay for the adjacent fillings, but pulling the tooth made him cry (he was numbed up, so it wasn't super-painful, but you can't disguise the feeling of having a tooth pulled, apparently.)

Yes, I felt like total crap.

$641 down, 3/4 of the mouth left to do. This will be the only tooth pull, gods willing.

We're doing the tooth fairy. Casper, of all things, was *jealous*. That child, I swear.
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mr. flea took the Dillo to the dentist today. You may recall he'd had multiple cavities filled in January of this year. Well, now he apparently needs 4 caps, and one is so bad they might have to just pull the tooth and put in a spacer until the permanent tooth comes in.

We brush the child's teeth. They took x-rays in January and took care of everything that showed up at all. And yet in the ensuing 6 months, he got cavities so bad he now needs caps and might lose a tooth? What the hell?
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mr. flea got new glasses last weekend. And he got a haircut, so naturally the kids wanted their hair cut too. Here's Dillo before:

bright eyes

Dillo wanted his hair out of his eyes in front, but refused to let me touch the sides and back. As a result, he looks like Prince Valiant now. In other Dillo news, we just got the letter confirming he's got a place in PreK at Chase, with Casper (it's not guaranteed, depending on demand, so I'm glad it worked out).

goofy face

Casper wanted a trim all around, *except* her bangs, which are pretty long. Which is what she got. I think I didn't mention that she lost the other front tooth recently. She lost it at school, which was her goal, because when you lose a tooth at school they give you an adorable tiny plastic tooth-shaped box to take it home in.

other front tooth gone


Feb. 24th, 2010 04:52 pm
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Casper got crown #1 today. She was apparently fine at the dentist, but after they were home for a while the novocaine wore off and she was crying in pain. (mr. flea called the dentist and they said that the pain was probably because they seat the crown under the gumline, not from the pulpotomy action.) Motrin is helping.

And I'm at work, and not home with my baby whose cavities are all my fault anyway. Wah.
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What's it about? What it's always fucking about around here, folks - dentistry. Casper went in today. At her cleaning 5 months ago they said she had one cavity. We switched dentists (for various unrelated reasons). These ones say two crowns, possibly root canals, and 8 additional fillings, and sealants, and the treatment plan comes to more than $2000. WTFF? We JUST paid these people $1000 for Dillo's fillings. How can she have developed this much more tooth decay in 5 months, during a time when we have been working pretty hard to brush teeth appropriately? This is the kid who cooperates! Who brushes her teeth and has been to the dentist regularly! And had clean checkups until that one 5 months ago. How did we get to 2 crowns?

mr. flea, who did the honors this time, was too stunned to do much but make an appointment.

AND I can't even post about it on Facebook because my mother is there now and we lie to her about this. Because I'd never hear the end of it, otherwise. She is EXTREMELY holier than thou about dentistry, being married to a dentist.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:58 pm
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Took Dillo to the dentist. He was very cooperative. He has cavities in 5-6 of his front teeth, deep enough that they should be filled. So, we're doing that in January.

The office does Versed sedation, and doesn't allow the parents back into the rooms. Cash, Steph, does this jive with your experiences of fillings in preschoolers? I felt good about the office and the dentist was clear and frank. It still won't be fun. Also, expensive.

And of course this is a parenting fail - several of the cavities are in full view on the front of his front teeth. He hates to brush teeth and doesn't really spit, so we have been lax and haven't done fluoridated toothpaste yet.

Argh, argh, argh.
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On my upper left side where my wisdom tooth was until 3 weeks ago, if you run your finger back along the gumline on the cheek side, above the teeth, there's something really sharp at the far back. Like, sharp like metal or bone sticking out of my gum. There's sort of a generalized ache there, too, but that may be psychosomatic due to the trauma of having practically pricked my finger on my GUMS.

So, I guess I call the oral surgeon in the morning and get it looked at, right? Anybody know anything about this? Dr. Google is giving me no love; it's not in the standard lists of wisdom tooth complications.
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Dillo is running around the house with his pull-up pulled down so his penis is sticking out the top. he's also shouting, "penis power!"

Our beta fish Rosalina has been getting increasingly sick. She's got some kind of fin ick, and her gills are all poking out, and she has no appetite and lies at the bottom of the bowl. We've given her some kind of antibiotic and added an anti-ammonia treatment to the water this week; right now mr. flea is changing the water with some water her has carefully let sit for 24 hours in the sun (I had been just using a de-chlorinator). I hope she perks up soon. Casper is actually fairly soigne about the possible demise of her fish.

My teeth are still remarkably sore. I think everything is fine - I can sort of feel the stitches and it's a little weird. I just thought I would have stopped needing painkillers by now, 5 days in. I do okay for a while, but then ache sets in and it makes my whole head ache. Also, the most painful thing is yawning, which is kind of funny.

We looked at new Toyotas today. I don't think we're going to buy soon, but mr. flea has been talking with a coworker about whether a more fuel-efficient car or doing the house projects would reduce our carbon footprint more. I liked the 2010 Prius (it's a redesign), and it has an adjustable driver's side seat. The only one they had on the lot had a moon roof, which reduces head room by more than an inch, but I think without it mr. flea would be okay on clearance. We also looked at a Matrix, which isn't available in a hybrid. That had tons of head room, but it felt a little cheaper somehow (it is, technically, cheaper, of course). Both are hatchbacks which I love and miss. We'll be in the market for a car in a year or two (we currently drive a 2000 Focus), so I think we may wait things out and try to get a nearly-new 2010 Prius at that point. Almost all of our driving is stop-and-go city stuff, and we'd get nearly double the mileage in a Prius. But if we decide we can't afford one, it's good to know that a used Matrix would probably be a fine and widely available choice.

Meanwhile we need to start calling some contractors to get a sense of what fixing the home energy audit stuff would even cost. I don't have any sense at all. And it would be nice to insulate the upstairs enough so that when we come home in the afternoon it isn't 87 degrees in our bedroom. That's with the whole-house AC set at 78. With the bathroom vent fan, we can usually get it down to bearable (82-83 with ceiling fan on) by bedtime. But, really!
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I went to the very nice oral surgeon for a consult and came away with plans to have my wisdom teeth (all 4) out next Tuesday. Um. (So, Hec, perhaps lunch downtown is not so much an option.) They have prescribed me valium for night before and morning of; I am not sure whether or not this is customary, or they could tell from my wild-eyed look that I was sure as hell going to need it.

(Shall I note, in passing, that former bad dentist proposed to take my wisdom teeth out under local anaesthetic in his office? Apparently by brute force. One shudders to think. I mean, my wisdom teeth are erupted and look decent, but the oral surgeon says you never know for sure until you're in there, and often even erupted teeth have root complications and so forth that require actual incisions.)

My ongoing complete mental breakdown about my teeth is, well, ongoing. I'm still keeping it together, mostly (although I did agree to an appointment without remembering the lunch date and afternoon meetings I had penciled in), but after the appointment I couldn't face going back to work (also it was 90 degrees and a half-hour walk) and so purchased root beer, potato chips, and Cherry Garcia and devoured them, then napped heavily. I'm having a hard time with the fact that I'm having such a hard time with all this; I am now happy with my new dentist, and the oral surgeon seemed very good too, and I'm using fucking Listerine daily to counteract the beginning signs of gingivitis - I should be starting to feel better about it all, damn it. And yet this afternoon I was seriously worried that the teeth were only the first step, and in a few years I was going to end up unable to leave the house and subsisting on organic free-range bananas or some other elaborate form of Not Coping With Life. (Let us conveniently ignore my pre-existing major non-copage, the lack of driving thing.)

My self-image is all about the competence and matter-of-factness and coping. When I have to work this freaking hard to barely cope, I start freaking out.
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I took the afternoon off work and psyched myself up to visit a new dentist today. A new dentist who had been personally vetted by my stepfather (a dentist), selected by me looking up the periodontists in town, Stepfather asking his periodontist buddy if he knew either of them, calling the one the periodontist knew, asking him who he thought was a good dentist in town, and calling the dentist himself to grill him. I printed out the coverage manual for my insurance and was all ready to discuss many things. Remember, I hate everything to do with dentistry and as a result, have to work really hard to keep my normally calm and rational self functioning during an office visit.

I went to the appointment and discovered that my appointment is actually for a month from now. I made it 2 weeks ago - I guess I must have mentally placed it in the wrong month because I couldn't believe it would be a 6-week wait just to have a preliminary appointment. (Note: I have a broken tooth with a raw edge right now, and they knew this when they made the appointment.)

So, this may be the magic dentist. If I ever get in to SEE the guy. And now I feel like an idiot, and can't go take a nap because the Home Energy Audit guy is here blowing our ducts. (The air leakage in this house is INCREDIBLE; it was like a gale force wind coming out of the pocket doors when he did the blower door test. More on this at my house blog when he's done.)
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toofe fere

I lost my tooth in a crack.

mr. flea procured a pry bar and was able to retrieve the tooth the next evening. Casper did not receive $500 from the toofe fere.

In other tooth news, I am getting my crown next week. The patch filling broke off.
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This morning:
Just now:

Unfortunately, the tooth has now fallen between the window and sill of a window which we cannot open. mr. flea is considering going in search of a crowbar to force the window open.
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-what do do about my dentistry. Mouthgard, crown, not covered by insurance. Wisdom tooth pulling, covered (but cheap). Fillings, sorta covered. Switch dentists? Order of doing things? Scheduling?

-summer family travel. Have booked tickets for May wedding. Trips under consideration: Cape Cod late June; Sandusky OH? some time. Temporal factors to consider: my class 7/7-8/10; Casper school starts early August.

-summer camps for Casper. One week booked. Three options known (YMCA, county gymnastics-y camp, campus day care center camp). Leaning YMCA but feeling like bad middle-class parent if we choose it (least enriching.) Casper's peers are mostly 6 so have more options (most local camps are for 6+ and don't run a full work day).

-money balancing: new car will be likely in next 2 years, possibility of house projects (roof, porch, etc.), better to pay off student loan than invest right now? How to decide what is most important?

Gosh we are bad at decision-making.
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When she went to the dentist a while back the hygienist reported that Casper has a couple of baby teeth that were likely to go soon. And indeed, her bottom two front teeth are loose - the right one very wiggly indeed.

We're all rather silly-excited about this. Although Casper told me yesterday that she knows the truth about the Tooth Fairy. (What truth she knows, she didn't say).

I have a Sacajawea dollar stashed in my sock drawer for the enventuality.

Dillo insists he has loose teeth too, of course. He has to do EVERYTHING Casper does right now.
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The logical reaction to being told one needs a crown is to go home and eat potato chips and ice cream, right?

The dentist spackled my broken tooth, but said I should have it crowned (I can probably get away with a partial) and said I should first of all get a mouth guard made, because I have hairline cracks in my teeth and I am probably grinding. And I still have to get my wisdom teeth pulled and get the multiple cavities on the other side of my mouth dealt with.

And of course the insurance company refused the re-billing for the first fillings as amalgam, so we owe them $900 for the work that's been done. I asked their financial person to double-check whether a crown and the pullings will be covered before I have those done. The mouth guard will not be covered ($205). For the rest of the fillings, if they're in unobtrusive places I'll get amalgam (covered) and if not, porcelain (not covered).

Insert standard rant about dental coverage and medical coverage being separate (note that having two children cost me less, including all prenatal care and delivery, than having these fillings); insert standard rant about preventive care (which could have prevented some of this).

At least I still have good gums. Because gum stuff is *nasty*.
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I got, like 6 little fillings last month. I have still the other side of my mother to go, and to let them yank my widsom teeth, but I thought I was doing okay, you know? Yes, there was the total clusterfuck about the insurance (office says: you have total coverage! insurance says, after work is done: you have total coverage if you have amalgam fillings, not these bonded porcelain fillings you just got! porcelain you got no coverage at all! office says: oops! let's try re-billing insurance pretending they were amalgam! to be continued...)

Well, one of those goddamned motherfucking fillings just fucking broke in my fucking mouth and it's all sharp and ridgy and I HATE TEETH I HATE THEM I HATE THEM.
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1. Dillo is growing canines. On top.

2. I got Casper asleep by 8:30 pm. Go me.

3. Eleventy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casperflea/1435323168/
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Although the doctor was nicely diligent about making sure it's not Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Also, the poor resident's last name is Pepper. DOCTOR Pepper, people. I'd have become a minister or a shoe salesman, man.

I meant to do a State of the Dillo for his birthday, and I just now discovered his top 2 molars are coming through, so it's time, eh?

Teeth: 10. Front 8 are fully in; 2 upper molars both through on outside edges.

Motion: Can stand alone for about 30 seconds, and sit down without crashing from a stand. Cruises well. Does not walk holding fingers at all. Crawls wicked fast.

Talk: Clearly says (with intent): uh-oh, mama. Might say with intent: dada, nana for nursie. Says without intent - lots and lots of other sounds. Clearly understands some of what we say to him. My favorite: teaching him to moo like a cow (I really need to upload this video to Youtube.)

Play: loves to put stuff in stuff. Loves wheeled things - to push cars around, to turn them over and spin the wheels. Really does seem to be "boy" playing, as opposed to Casper. But he does like her baby dolls (and especially to slobber on their big plastic heads.)

Eats: kind of erratic - less interested in self-feeding than Casper was. As a result he eats a lot at school, where they feed him, and less at home. Will completely snarf up fruit though - blueberries, grapes, cherries, watermelon, ripe peach. Does not like cheese or yogurt, but drinks milk and will beg for ice cream.

Has just started to how interest in watching TV/videos. Hates long car rides, and sometimes even short ones.
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Tooth 2 is arriving as a partner to tooth #1.

Casper has been out of diapers completely for about 3 weeks. She is dry overnight 100%, no pee accidents, and we've washed a fair number of poopy panties out, but she almost always makes most of the poop in the potty. And really, increasingly, all of it. She is VERY proud when she poops in the potty.

So when does the butt-wiping end? Experienced parents?

Dillo had one of those poops that escapes the diaper and goes up the back today. I was wiping shit off his shoulder blades.

I didn't intend this entry to be all about poop. Sorry.

I am really exceptionally tired. And my mother this morning in the weekly phone call managed to get in digs about Dillo's sleeping AND Casper's hair. Go team undermining Mother!

Dillo is advancing on the path to crawling - he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. Often in bed in the middle of the night.

I wish Dillo would get over this damned head cold/teething/crawling thing and sleep well again. And by "well" I would be willing to settle for no hour-long cryfest at 2 am every night.

I did manage to dig deep and take the kids out today, to see Lion dancing and Chinese yo-yo at the art museum. This was good.


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