Dec. 9th, 2010 11:56 am
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  • Yesterday I worked 8am-10pm (many thanks to my sister for keeping me from dying of boredom after I ran out of internets at 8:30pm; we discussed smallpox, syphillis, and pernicious anemia, as one does).  Then I woke up about every half hour all night - every time to heat came on - because the air vents made some noise that kept triggering my "a child is crying downstairs" reflex. Yawn.
  • It's cold in Georgia.  Even the NYTimes noticed! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/09/us/09georgia.html  There's a mall in the ATL that makes snow outside every hour from 6-9pm on weekends, and I think we are going to try to go on Saturday.  My kids are in love with the idea of snow.  Simple frost on the windshield of the car had them shouting with excitement this morning.  It's ridiculous, but very cute.
  • My Girl Scout rant issues continue.  I faxed in an RSVP on Friday 12/3, the stated deadline, for my troop to attend an event on Saturday 12/11, and was supposed to receive an email confirming the time (they are scheduling the troops).  On Monday I emailed the contact just to check if the fax had been received.  She was out of the office but said she would check with them.  On Tuesday, not having heard from her, I emailed back.  She said she hadn't been able to reach anyone ion the office, but I should give her my troop's info directly and she could register us.  I did.  On Wednesday, not having heard from her, I emailed again, just to say, "are we registered?"  On Thursday morning I called the office, where they told me a) she was the only person who could register troops for this event in their system, b) she was out of the office all week but working from home some and c) the office was "crazy" this week and closed early yesterday and today.  The event is now in less than 48 hours and I was supposed to - an email just came in.  We are confirmed.  Good grief, though.  I mean, honestly?  Who sets a deadline of Friday the week before an event (in 6 locations across Georgia, all RSVPing through one office) and then takes the next week off?  When she's the only one who can register people?
  • We are going to buy a digital piano as the big family Christmas gift this year.  We went in to a local independent store and looked at them, but then I looked on Craigslist and there is a used one for sale in Atlanta for half what they want in the store for a used one, same model.  I feel guilty about not patronizing my local store - worse, patronizing and then not buying from them - but saving $250 is not to be sneezed at.  We're getting a Yamaha P-60 (replaced now by the P-95), which is an 88-key, weighted machine, with good sound (8 sounds total), and a midi export line so we can buy a $100 cable and hook it up to Garage Band if we want to.  I am looking at piano lessons for me, maybe.
  • I am sort half done Christmas shopping.  I hope to accomplish a lot this weekend in the city, at the Fernbank Natural History Museum gift shop, and the big mall where it snows. mr. flea is under strict orders to make some headway in dealing with his family (i.e. acquiring suggestions, which is their practice) by Saturday.
  • I am so tired.
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I am unduly tired, and want to go to bed right now. I am locked in the back half of the house with the bitchy cat and avoiding my happy family.

I am actively dreading our first Girl Scout meeting tomorrow. Luckily the other Brownie leader is totally a natural and loves doing fun crafts with little girls. I can make spreadsheets and email people, but making bracelets with 7 year olds is not my forte.
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For starters, this time we actually camped, so we started out ahead. We camped at Doll Mountain Campground on Lake Carter (which is a fake dam-lake), which is run by the Army Corps of Engineers and has a shiny new road thanks to stimulus dollars. It was fine; a bit of a hike to the bathroom, and we had a Valdosta State geology class field trip next to us. While they were relatively quiet and respectful, they also got in after 9:30pm both nights we were there.

We had traffic and slowness and got there late ourselves, at maybe 9pm on Friday, and had to put up the tent in the dark. The kids fell asleep right away thankfully, but then Dillo had an hour-long crying fit from 3-4am sparked by, I kid you not, the fact that his nose was stuffy. mr. flea took him to sit in the car during the phase when I was nearly homicidal (I'd been up since 5:15 with him the previous AM.)

We cowboyed up and headed out to New Echota, the Cherokee capital founded in, uh, I think 1819. Most of the buildings on the site are reconstructions or were moved from elsewhere, but it was a pretty good site I thought, and the kids liked it. We ran down to Calhoun on I-75 and had lunch (and COFFEE) and an IHOP, and then went back up to the Chief Vann House, built in 1806 by one of the richest Cherokee, who worked a plantation with 10 slaves (let it not be said that history is simple, folks). I didn't actually go in the house, thanks to Dillo, who dozed a bit in the car, but mr. flea and Casper liked it (Casper told me all about how Joseph Vann drank too much whiskey.)

We picked up some hot dogs and buns at a quickie mart, and I had a nap in the tent while mr. flea took the kids to see the dam. To bed early, but then Dillo was up twice and then spent the rest of the night trying to climb on my head. Picked up some apples in Ellijay rather than pick our own, then home in time for lunch. Which I realize now we forgot to eat, oops.

So, 4 year old continues to be difficult, fall is nice, Casper is big enough to really understand stuff (not just whiskey.)
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Both kids are having vastly different issues right now.

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I feel like I have been really struggling lately, and need to make some changes.
1. I have a bottle of my antidepressant in my purse now, so if I didn't take it in the morning, I can take it when I brush my teeth at work.
2. mr. flea agreed to try a radically early bedtime for the kids. They are SO TIRED, and yet we cannot seem to get them to sleep before 9:30 pm (despite starting the going to bed process at 8). And Dillo (like me) wakes up super-early even if he is still tired, and Casper has to get up at 6:45 during the week for school and usually can't sleep in on weekends because Dillo is up. So we're going to start bedtime at 7pm today, brush teeth and jammies and pull the blinds in their room and read stories. Maybe turn the light off and read the last story with a flashlight, to cool them (mostly Dillo) down even further?
3. I really really need to start getting some exercise. I wake up sore and stiff in the night. I need to find a yoga class and GO and to hell with the fact that I have no free time. There is a $5 class on Tuesday nights, but it runs 7-8:30 and that would live mr. flea with solo bedtime two nights in a row, since I work Wednesdays. Really, a Sunday would be ideal. In this town, so many people have flexible schedules that there isn't much yoga available on weekends, so I may have to suck it up and do a $14 class.

Hopefully these three things will help me feel better. Right now I am feeling tired of life.
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Sunday night Casper cricked her neck and was in terrible pain and up several times in the night. I thought small children were supposed to be like unto elastic bands, but perhaps she is getting decrepit at her advanced age of 7. She stayed home Monday with mr. flea "working from home" (=watching Harry Potter IV.)

Tuesday night had some issues (Dillo woke up needing to pee - why do my children not wake up and take themselves to urinate in the night? Instead they cry loudly half awake and the parents must rescue them and deposit them on the potty. Both of them do this. Is it me?? Anyway Dillo made so much noise it woke Casper and she freaked out about her neck and spent the night in my bed, again.) Then when we went to take Dillo we found he'd had a nosebleed in his sleep. Sheets and mattress pad into the wash. Casper got off to school okay; Dillo too (and reported that the big blood-booger in his nose, named "Bloody," natch, came out at school.) mr. flea got a last-minute invite to a social event for work, and went, so I dealt with dinner and bathtime solo.

This morning Dillo had a nosebleed at 4:30. Sheets and mattress pad into the wash, again. I had randomly missed 3 hours of work in the last week (2 hours after Dillo refused to go back to school after his dentist appointment last week, and one hour dealing with Casper Monday morning) so I came in at 10 and will be here until 10pm. Joy.

Thursday we need to grocery shop and prep for the weekend and it's trash night and a bath night and we have the farmer's market pickup and... that's all, I think.

Friday is Bike to School Day, and a parent coffee until 8:30, after which I must dash to a meeting at work at 9, so maybe we will drive and not bike to school. At the parent coffee I hope to corral some parents into making Girl scouts happen. I emailed the PTO list asking for volunteers at 11:30 am today and have had no response yet. Very worried. Oh and it's FACT (Families and Children Together) day for 2nd grade, but I really cannot make it to school to spend time in Casper's class on Friday (see above: parent coffee and 9am meeting); must remember to ask mr. flea if he can.

Friday night we've been invited to cocktails with the Classics faculty (5:30-7) and a baby shower for mr. flea's coworker (7pm) and have not yet secured a babysitter. We are deeply incompetent about babysitters.

Saturday at 10am is the birthday party, so some cakes need to be baked and frosted at some point, and all the other assorted things associated with a birthday party (like PLATES and DRINKS and maybe FAVORS remember my birthday party paralysis, people?)

Then we're going camping. Which needs its own separate planning and organizing (but I really really needs to get out and it will be good to do). And then back Monday in time to catch Casper's makeup dance class at 5:30 and grocery shop for the week.

Have I mentioned I dismantled the dining room table to refinish it on Sunday? We've mostly eaten in the living room or on stools in the kitchen. The polycrylic is rather harder to get off than I'd anticipated, but I have only one coat of tung oil left on the table base and I am hoping to set it up with the spare leaves so we'll have some flat surface to work with by next week.

I hope next week is much less eventful.
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We moved the kids into one room this weekend, assembling the bunkbeds for the first time in this house. Bedtime is going okay - still too late. We've started with music at lights out (the Bernstein recording of Peter and the Wolf) which is helping. One problem is mr. flea is reading the crux of Harry Potter IV, and Dillo is bored by it. When he'd done I'd like to try reading to both of them together, whether in bed (chapter books with few pictures) or out on the couch. I think an "extra" birthday present for Casper (turning 7 on Saturday) will be an itty bitty book light so she can look at books after Dillo falls asleep. The other room (Casper's) is the playroom; I'd like to move the yellow futon couch in there for reading and snuggling.

It was Curriculum Night at school last night, so we had a more formal introduction to PreK and 2nd grade. Honestly, because of his home socialization and book-reading and his Montessori daycare, Dillo pretty much has all the skills they seek to instill in PreK: deal with others without hitting or messing with people; understand how books work; know letters and numbers. He accurately read "P E Z" on a pez dispenser last night. His fine motor work is weaker; we need to do more drawing projects, maybe while Casper does homework.

Casper is doing reading in a group with Mrs. H, in another classroom (they mix them up for reading time). She is with Nathaniel, who was in her class last year. She brought home guided reading books for the first time this week, and read them to me okay (reluctantly). Her homework often consists of "read for 30 minutes" and she says she does this at afterschool, but her idea of reading still does not necessarily include actually reading the words in the books. Mr. H, her teacher, said she is doing fine with comprehension and her tendency to guess at words based on context and first letter is a useful skill (this drives me nuts when we read together - I am constantly saying "look at the letters.")

Mrs. U, who is a parent whom I like, is the Spectrum (gifted) teacher for 2nd grade this year, and they are doing recommendations and re-testing this month. mr. flea wants to recommend Casper. You may recall she was tested but narrowly missed the cutoff in K; her increased maturity and test-taking skills (she did fine on the CRCT) should help her this time. I think if it were me I wouldn't bother recommending her again, but mr. flea feels strongly about this.

She's a little down about school right now and I'm not sure why. Complains she doesn't want to go in the morning; told me she doesn't want to do writing and puts her head down on the desk (which Mr. H did not mention.)

After school is still poking along; apparently they are interviewing new directors this week. I signed the kids up for a Spanish class at after school, taught by UGA students, that will start in a couple of weeks and run for a month. No word on Tae Kwan Do, though Casper asks about it. Dillo says after school "takes so long" so I really hope they get a director who does stuff with the kids so they are not so bored..

I called the Girl Scouts last week but they never called me back. Don't they know how hard it is for me to make phone calls, dammit?
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Never mind that we've been in the near-100-degree range for the past week and are forecast to continue this - fall's around the corner! It's Dillo's last week at day care and Casper's last week of camp. Sunday mr. flea's parents come for a week, with them doing some child care and us alternating partial days off so they don't get too frazzled by 4 year old antics. August 3 we have a PreK orientation and August 5 it's school open house where we find out teacher assignments, and then the following Monday school starts.

We've got to do something about the sleep situation - these last couple of weeks we've overslept a lot and ended up late for our morning routine (only by 15 minutes at most, but nearly every day.) And when school starts that wakeup time needs to ratchet back half an hour, since the bell rings at 7:45, which means leaving the house at 7:35 if we drive and 7:15 if we walk, which I'd like to start doing, with our neighbors. I've been sleeping badly, partly because of the heat. Last night is an excellent example: Dillo went down late (9:30) even though it was the weekend. mr. flea found and killed a roach crawling on him in bed at 11:30, so I was awake for some time after that imagining roaches crawling on me, and listening to Dillo cough (he has a little cold) downstairs. Also it was 83 in our bedroom, which is about as cool as it gets when it's 98 outside all day (THIS is why we wanted a metal roof). Then Dillo woke up and wanted me and came into our bed, so I kept getting woken by him wiggling, and ended up sleeping across the foot of the bed (mr. flea had removed to the couch.)

I don't think things are going to get much better until it cools off and starts getting dark sooner.
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We got a letter with Casper's results on the CRCT last night. There were three sections: math, reading, and language. To meet the standard you had to get an 800; 850 or more is considered exceeding the standard. Casper got a 825 in reading, so solidly middle of the standard. She got an 846 in language, near the top of the standard, and an 851 in math, just exceeding the standard. I'm interested by these results in that they do seem to track very closely to what I observe of her abilities in these three areas. So maybe the CRCT is about to accurately assess some kids, anyway. I am pretty sure they are dropping it for 1st and 2nd graders next year, as a cost-cutting measure, and I can't say I'm sorry.

We had a really hard night with Casper last night - devolving into asking to come to work with me today (promising to be really good!). And then we had a hard morning with Dillo this morning. Both kids are tired. I hope like heck we can get them to sleep in this weekend, since we are so spectacularly failing to get them to bed at a reasonable hour. Oh, the woes of June in our latitude, when it's light from before 6am to nearly 9pm.
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Casper goes to sleep with the curtains open, because she likes to look out the window and up into the big magnolia tree silhouetted against the dusky sky. She looks for shapes and faces in the voids between the leaves.
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I've got enough going on right now that I'm a little overwhelmed and paralyzed with it. I'm also really tired; I worked last night and had trouble falling asleep (was the sweet tea at lunch super-potent?)

We did get the license plates and registration transferred to the new car yesterday, so we are officially completely done with car stuff. We are still deep in the bathroom plumbing project (plumbing is done, but closing up the wall in the bedroom is next, and then we need to deal with taking down and replacing the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom), and we still need to decide what to do about the roof and porch projects we got estimates for. I have been doing more research on the house and that is interesting but also distracting me at work.

At work I am giving a presentation to a staff organization the week of May 17, and then giving a talk at a state conference May 28, and neither of those things are fully developed yet, and I'm having trouble getting them developed, due to inability to focus. Part of the problem is that I could totally wing the first, if I chose, and sections of the second (demonstrating a software which I have already trained groups on 3 times and written up a training manual). I need something to give me the urgency to nail it all down.

I am going to SF next Thursday and need to plan my packing & hem my dress, do some further planning for while I'm there, and worry about how everyone will manage without me (fine, of course, but I still need to worry!) SF-istas, my current plan is to visit the Asian Art Museum the afternoon of Thursday May 13, and would welcome a companion, and I have most of the day Friday May 14 unplanned, though I may want to sleep late. I've never been to Golden Gate Park, but wonder if that is too big a project given transport issues and my potential tiredness.
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Last night we went to Pump It Up, which is a local inflatable stuff birthday party emporium. It was our neighbor S's 5th birthday. The kids both had a great time, and Dillo was quite game, compared to the last time we were at Pump It Up (18 months ago), when he hid his face in my shirt for an hour.

This morning Dillo said to me: "Owen [our neighbor/his nemesis] pushed me down and I didn;t even cry or come to you!"

Such a big boy, such a difference a year has made.

In less fun news, we had a talk in the car with him this morning about the absolute disaster bedtime has become. I can take incessant pee OR bedtime battles, but I am not having both.

(Note old baby icon. Possibly I should make some new icons. Darn that baby was a cutie, though.)
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I spent a lot of this past weekend being angry at Dillo. This is a mark of my immaturity as much as his, I quickly add; he was just being a 3 year old boy, and a fairly easygoing one at that, but I was in no mood for endless snuggles and hands down the shirt and "play with me!" and energy. Sunday night was especially trying; he ate almost no dinner, ran about, took a bath pretty cooperatively, but then ran around the house naked and deliberately peed on the floor, and thought it was very funny indeed. I got to put him to bed and lie next to him as he said, "I'm hungry," over and over again until he fell asleep.

I went to bed angry at him and it was hot upstairs and first the ceiling squirrels and then Food, Inc. on Tivo woke me up, and I had to put the bathroom vent fan on to cool things down, and I finally fell asleep at about 11.

At 3am I awoke to crying in the living room. It was poor brave Dillo, armed with a flashlight, shaking with cold and fear and crying, "Mommy! Where are you?" Usually I'd have woken at the first real cry of his, but due to the fan I'd slept on. He'd peed in his bed and woken cold and wet. He climbed out of bed and turned on the light in his room (as he explained to me, because hew as "a little bit scared,") and accidentally peed a bunch more on the floor. (I guess he is well-hydrated.) I still didn't come so he got his flashlight and turned it on and came to find me. Such a brave scared little boo! I wiped his snotty nose and got him dry pants and praised him for knowing just what to do when there was a crisis in the night and I didn't come, and for being so brave, and installed him in my bed, where he quickly went back to sleep. Such a darling.
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This week Dillo has decided he doesn't need the 11-12 hours of sleep a night recommended for 3 year olds. Monday night I lay in his bed feigning sleep for most of an hour, and then finally got angry and left in a huff at 9:30. Only then did he stop talking and fall asleep. Tuesday he rejected me, begging for mr. flea, then when he got mr. flea he begged for me. We were not willing to dance to his tune, so he cried and cried. I think he was asleep by 9:45 or so.

Last night was my working night. The cell phone rang at 9:52; it was mr. flea telling me they were going to bundle into the car and come pick me up, since they were all still awake. Casper was tired and angry at Dillo for keeping her up, talking too loud with mr. flea in the next room. She was asleep in about 15 seconds once we got home. I had to lie with Dillo fr another half hour. Even though he was yawning and heavy-lidded, he kept mumbling, "I want Daddy." Even though half the problem while I was at work was that he wanted me.

And then this morning he was wide awake at 6am. WTF? I think the weather (hot hot hot, high 80s-90s all week), the increasing lateness of sunset (it is quite light at 8pm, when we start bedtime, now), and the ineluctable orneriness of the 3.5 year old are to blame. The heat is supposed to break today; I don't know what we can do about the rest.

ION, he has a very funny verbal tic now. He asks us a question, and we answer, and he is surprised, or feigns surprise, and says, "WHAT the...?" I am pretty sure he doesn't know what's supposed to be on the end of that sentence.

Casper, for her part, says, "Niiice" like a surfer when there's something she likes. And after a squabble over who would get the last jellybean from the Easter cake, she defended her grab, saying, "I have a fast hand!" (I laughed out loud, but did take the jellybean, which was rightfully Dillo's.)
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I'm at work and the sort of tired that my eyes cross and I have trouble focusing. Luckily I don't have much to do, but it still seems unlikely that hunting out a comfy chair in a secluded sunny corner would be appropriate.

I woke suddenly at about 11:45 last night and found the stairwell light on. I'm almost sure it was off when I went to bed, but I went around the house and the kids were asleep and the doors locked. My best guess is the switch was 7/8 of the way to on and the cat ran down the stairs and that somehow triggered it. The computer was not asleep, either, and I had put it to sleep, but I think she often wakes it up in the night. I didn't actually see the cat on my rounds, though.

I was then up intermittently between 4:30 (when Dillo required a visit) and getting out of bed at 6. Tonight I have to walk home, pay Ms. G for driving Dillo, retrieve Casper, feed them dinner (pre-made but for the pasta), receive the onslaught of my mother at 7pm if I'm lucky, plan tomorrow, and get the kids to bed, at which point, with any luck, I too can sleep.
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Last night our nearest neighbors came over for dinner - the father was at work late, so it was two women and 4 kids, ages 6-18 months. Went fine, if a bit chaotic, but what else is new, and it was nice to have the company. I had easy-most-from-cans chili and egg noodles, and she brought au gratin potatoes, cheesy bread, and apple slices. All of which were good, but none of which were things I would ever cook for my family. And then I was heating up some leftovers at work just now (yes, I had first lunch at 10am - I'm on the desk 11-1 today, so it makes sense), and several of the housekeeping staff were having lunch. S. was opening two cans of those little Viennese franks, and another woman was heating up what I guess were frozen chicken patties to eat between slices of white bread. I remember having those little franks as a tiny kid - I guess they were easy meat for toddlers? Although I ate a lot of odd things as a kid, thanks to my grandmother - liverwurst, and tomato aspic.

I just find it fascinating what people choose to eat, and how thoroughly dictated it is by family, and culture, and the whole concept of comfort food, food that we like as much for the fact that we've always eaten it this way as for how it tastes. My "comfort food" dishes from childhood - now very rarely made - are tuna noodle casserole with cream of mushroom soup, egg noodles, peas, and NOT crunchy things on top, and macaroni and cheese with elbow macaroni, sliced white American cheese, and cream of mushroom soup. (My maternal grandmother was firmly in the "I hate to cook so I'll do it with canned soup" camp of the 1950s.) What are your family comfort foods?

A much easier morning with Dillo today, although I was up with him at 4 and never really got back to sleep.
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First a brief note: Dillo slept all night again! Night five in a row! I am so well-rested I feel like I could manage Congress! Seriously, folks, I haven't felt so little tired in SIX YEARS. I am so not having another kid unless it comes with a pre-birth guarantee of sleeping 12 hour nights by 6 months.

(Of course, I am weaning Dillo on Saturday and he will probably stop sleeping through the night to spite me.)

So, Casper has been complaining since Valentine's that we never come to her school events like the other parents. Which we don't, at least the events that occur during the work day. And then Monday I was complaining that I'd had a boring day at work and Casper gave me the hard sell on how much FUN I'd have if I came to school with her - I could COLOR! So, since I am working late tonight, I emailed Mrs. E to see if it was convenient for me to visit class today. She said yes, if I came in after reading group where Casper is already highly distractable (confirming what I knew - it is pulling teeth to get her to read to me). So I showed up at 9 and stayed until 12.

I came away with a new respect for Mrs. E, who I think is doing great, and the aide (also, confusingly, a Mrs. E). Most of what I saw alternated between work on the smartboard or a flip chart (easier for the kids to write at), with the kids sitting on their squares on the carpet (or not sitting - more on this later), and work at the tables, a spin-off of something started as a group. They wrote sentences about animals (with drawings - Casper, with much prodding from me: "Pupes drink watr. Pupes catch a ball. Pupes lik pepul.") They glued a shape to a page and created a drawing around it. They counted, together, to 100 and took turns writing the new numbers (the 80s) on the group chart they are making. They sang about popcorn words. They went to the bathroom, quite a production, and went to lunch at 10:50am. I really enjoyed it.

All of the kids were, in the manner of 5 year olds, sometimes distracted, needing to be reminded to pay attention, fussing with one another, etc. Casper was one of the quieter and more attentive ones, but she too had her moments. Four of the kids (16 total) had some significant issues, were more wandery than others, just shut down sometimes, or had outbursts. Sadly, all 4 are black boys. (The class that day was 2 white girls, 5 black girls, 1 white boy, 3 latino boys (who were out of the classroom for a big chunk, I assume at some special language work), 4 black boys.) One of the boys who had issues is, I think, a mainstreamed special ed kid - he looked older than the others, and something happened that I missed that led to him being sent out and not eating lunch with the rest. Another is clearly very smart and engaged and good at the class work but can't control his temper, so sometimes when he was spoken to about sitting still or paying attention (like every other kid) would pitch a loud fit and have to go sit in his chair. The last two seemed very young for the class and just not ready to handle school (remember, we're 6 months into the year). I was sitting next to M much of the time, who was very sweet and wanted to hold my hand and hug on me, and craved attention, but talking to him was only slightly more sophisticated than talking to Dillo (who is admittedly pretty talky for a 2.5 year old boy). At one point something upset M. and he shut down, sitting quietly but not making eye contact with me and not responding to my overtures, not doing the work he had in front of him, just blank. He didn't seem to be working at the class level; could color but I didn't see him write any letters and needed help with numbers. The aide spent the majority of her time running interference with these 4 boys and the occasional pop-ups by many of the other kids. This despite Mrs. E changing activities every 10 minutes, doing motion breaks (jumping jacks), moving back and forth from the desks to the carpet, and constantly monitoring behavior, bringing the group back to focus, etc.

Thank god I'm not a kindergarten teacher. I was exhausted after watching them for 10 minutes.

I knew, intellectually, that the school was diverse and many of the children were from poor families. But it's another thing to see the diversity and see how some of the individual children don't have the same level of basic socialization that I take for granted. And I worry that the ones who are struggling so much already in kindergarten - what is going to happen to these kids in 10 years, when they are 15? J., the outburst boy, is clearly very smart and gets the work - what if he can't learn to handle things emotionally better? To what extent are these kids - the "problem" boys especially - already being labeled, in kindergarten, and what harm will those labels cause them along the way? It was all kind of gutting (though I loved being in the class and I loved the kids and their interest in me and their friendliness and openness). And I also wonder, what might Casper be achieving if she were in a class where all or even most of the kids were from families like hers? She was going to be pulled out with Mrs. B the gifted teacher at 12, and not for the first time - I don't know if for the gifted testing is ongoing, of if she's tested gifted and they haven't bothered to tell us yet. Must email.
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The Dillo has slept through the night - aaaall the way through the night, from bedtime to past 6 am - for the last 4 nights in a row! I am so well-rested that I lay awake in my bed between 5 and 6:15 am today!

It's not likely to keep up through the week, alas. He is much more likely to sleep all night when he hasn't napped (as on weekends). With no nap, he goes down fast between 7 and 7:30; with a nap (as in, last night) it is a huge struggle to get him down (last night he wasn't asleep until 9:30, and was rubbing his face on my saying "I wuv you, cat momma" for about an hour before that) and he is often awake in the night. But not last night!

Casper took off all her clothes as soon as she got home last night and scratched herself like crazy for hours. She has a little patch of skin on her cheek that sometimes flares up like eczema, and it was flaring. I rubbed her all over with lotion which didn't immediately help but I hope will - we've been having cold nights and the heat and dry air (very staticky heads!), plus she and Dillo and mr. flea had a huge bubble bath Sunday night which may have dried her skin out.

Casper is going to the dentist today (for the first time in 18 months, oops) and is VERY HAPPY and EXCITED about it. Also yesterday I was complaining about a boring day at work and she said I should come to her school, where I could "practice [my] coloring skills!" and read, and that would be exciting!

I emailed her teacher about something, and mentioned the "Casper is tall and beautiful" statement she (Casper) used to illustrate a fact, and she (the teacher) replied: "She has a wonderful imagination, and quite a well developed self-esteem! I wish I had her confidence!"

Heh. She's been sassy lately; we need to do a little cracking down about respect.
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I dunno if it's the shingles, the immense honkin' navy blue horse pills I am taking for the shingles, the psychological suggestion that I am sick so I am allowed to slack, or what, but I am about to fall asleep here at my desk.

It also might have to do with the bad week Dillo has had for sleep. He goes days in a row of sleeping from bedtime to 6am, and then days in a row of up at midnight and 4 or other random-ass times. Last night was the 4th or so day of the latter, and he was in bed with me in various locations all night except 15 minutes, and kept kicking me in my sore side. And now the weekend approaching, he will be up for the day at 6am and want me to watch the execrable Rugrats, which is the only reasonably child-friendly TV on at 6am on the weekends when I am too stupid to remember we own DVDs.



Dec. 30th, 2008 12:21 pm
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Headachy & tired day, and I am home with the bunnies - Dillo is alternately incredibly loving and snuggly and violently loving, and Casper is a tv-and-candy-addled grumpy pain in the ass.

They are both sleeping 12 hours in this long break. Unfortunately Dillo is sleeping 6-6 (he takes my hand after dinner and asks to go to bed) and Casper is sleeping 9-9.

Have finished This Republic of Suffering (good) and I think must turn to Heyer. Possibly more caffeine but really how much can one woman drink?


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