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This week Dillo has decided he doesn't need the 11-12 hours of sleep a night recommended for 3 year olds. Monday night I lay in his bed feigning sleep for most of an hour, and then finally got angry and left in a huff at 9:30. Only then did he stop talking and fall asleep. Tuesday he rejected me, begging for mr. flea, then when he got mr. flea he begged for me. We were not willing to dance to his tune, so he cried and cried. I think he was asleep by 9:45 or so.

Last night was my working night. The cell phone rang at 9:52; it was mr. flea telling me they were going to bundle into the car and come pick me up, since they were all still awake. Casper was tired and angry at Dillo for keeping her up, talking too loud with mr. flea in the next room. She was asleep in about 15 seconds once we got home. I had to lie with Dillo fr another half hour. Even though he was yawning and heavy-lidded, he kept mumbling, "I want Daddy." Even though half the problem while I was at work was that he wanted me.

And then this morning he was wide awake at 6am. WTF? I think the weather (hot hot hot, high 80s-90s all week), the increasing lateness of sunset (it is quite light at 8pm, when we start bedtime, now), and the ineluctable orneriness of the 3.5 year old are to blame. The heat is supposed to break today; I don't know what we can do about the rest.

ION, he has a very funny verbal tic now. He asks us a question, and we answer, and he is surprised, or feigns surprise, and says, "WHAT the...?" I am pretty sure he doesn't know what's supposed to be on the end of that sentence.

Casper, for her part, says, "Niiice" like a surfer when there's something she likes. And after a squabble over who would get the last jellybean from the Easter cake, she defended her grab, saying, "I have a fast hand!" (I laughed out loud, but did take the jellybean, which was rightfully Dillo's.)
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Since we do have another kid, although he causes much less angst than no. 1 (whether by virtue of temperament, birth order, gender, neglect, or all of the above), hereforth: Dillo is nearly 3!

He pooped in the potty for the second time this morning, and won his prize of 3 M&Ms. (Casper cried.) We're trying to work with him in the evenings and mornings to sit on the potty; it's really hard, and if we had a week off work to focus on it I bet we'd make more progress. (Casper got the major part of potty training down at daycare, but Dillo is not picking it up there.) He does a big pee in the mornings, so I have been sitting him on the potty after he wakes up. He insists there's no pee, puts on a pull-up, and pees 5 minutes later. I'm seeing a lot more awareness of when he is going, even in the past week, though. I talked to him last night about moving up to the Primary Room with Miss Debbie when he uses the potty, and hope that will motivate him as well. Several of his friends have moved up to Primary, and he gets to visit, and likes Miss Debbie.

He likes to eat yogurt, and gets it out of the fridge himself and can open the Yo Baby cups, but not the tubes. He fetches his own silverware and can get the milk or juice out of the fridge while I get the cup. He's distracted about food in the evenings and often doesn't eat a proper dinner. He loves fruit (grapes, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples) and pasta and rice, not big on pizza or anything spicy or cheese or tomato. He eats cheerios for breakfast, mostly.

He won't nap at the weekend unless taken out on a country drive, but does nap at day care. Getting him to sleep is a fairly big chore - he's rarely asleep before 9:30pm, and can chatter away with the best of them. But he almost always sleeps through the night, and is up at a reasonable hour, usually 6:30-7.

He likes to run in his "faster sneakers" (we recently got him new ones in a size 8 - his feet finally grew!) and ride his big wheel and play with the squirt guns outside. He's been playing with our neighbor Spencer (turned 4 in May) much more lately. He and Casper have been building hideouts with blankets by the couch and he likes to do whatever Casper does. He enjoys painting. No figural drawings yet. We can read longer books (The Roly-Poly Pudding; he was quite concerned about Tom's fate!) and I need to switch things around on the bookshelves a bit to keep up with his newer interests. He can sing the ABC song and recognizes a few letters (A, O) and some numbers (2, 4). Knows a lot of songs from school - John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Five Little Ducks.

He's still very cute and charming. Round, open face, round head. Definitely stockier than Casper was at this age. We weighed him at my mother's and he was about 32-33 pounds. I need to figure out what we're going to do for his 3 year checkup (thinking of finding a pediatrician rather than go back to our doctor - they are just not set up for kids, no kid flu shot last fall, etc.) And his birthday!
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After bath the kids ran around naked and built forts. mr. flea asked Dillo to go try on the potty before he would get him a blanket, and Dillo went into the bathroom and may have veen climbed on the toilet but came back saying the peep wasn't ready to come out. But half an hour later he came to mr. flea and asked him to turn the light on in the bathroom, got on the potty, and peed and pooped! We made a big fuss. I'm hoping he's the kind of kid that once he gets over the initial hurdle and figures out he can do it, he'll do it and be done. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, we'll see.

(Is he asleep yet, on the other hand? No, he is not. Luckily I am not on duty with him tonight.)
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I feel like Dillo gets short shrift around here, being the second kid and all. And while he's a great talker, he is not as picturesque a talker as Casper was at his age. He says cute and funny things, but they are usually in the "you had to be there" vein (like when he said yesterday, to Owen's dad, "I don't like Owen.")

So, Dillo. He's 2 years and almost 9 months now. He went off to school in a pull-up this morning for the first time. We've been talking up the whole "peep in the potty" thing heavily lately, and bought the pull-ups yesterday, but he has yet to ever actually pee in the potty. He does sit on it at school; he mostly won't at home, though we haven't pushed. In related news (well, it's about his penis, anyway) I was able to retract his foreskin pretty much all the way last night (this occurred in the context of after bath, and him trying to do it, and complaining, "I can't open it!")

He mostly sleeps through the night and has been less often awake for the day at insane AM; often he's not up until 6:30 and Sunday morning he slept until 7:30! Getting him to go to sleep at night is a terrible battle though, which I have started handing off to mr. flea. He's simply not tired until past 9pm, because he gets a 2+ hour nap at daycare. I am very tired and impatient at 9pm, and mr. flea does a much better job of playing 'whose feet make a bigger shadow' with the flashlight and giggling until he falls asleep.

When I was doing bedtime more often, we had gotten into the habit of singing Little Bunny Foo-Foo and also telling the story of Casper's yellow balloon ("and the wind took it, and it went down the storm drain! Will you sing that one?") It's not a song, but a story that starts out true (Casper was SO SAD about the balloon) and ends with Dillo's inventions, regarding a space ship and a monster and the rescue of the balloon from the storm drain.

He remains a Beta Male - rough and tumble friends (like Owen, and some of his friends at school) are too much for him, and he's not aggressive in grabbing back a taken toy (unless he's tussling with his sister, in which case he's likely to give as good as he gets.) He still loves donuts (this morning in the car: "Can we go to the donuts?" No. "Will you take me to the coffee shop?") and en-dee-ems. He gets wild hairs and throws things, goes around the house dumping out bins of toys and sweeping magazines off the coffee table but in general is not deliberately destructive (he accidentally broke a DVD trying to get it out of the box). He hates having his hair combed and complains at clothing changes, wanting "soft pants". He mostly won't wear jeans and is silly picky about shirts - doesn't like tags.

He's not very interested in the new weaning bunny but is suddenly quite attached to his stuffed seal, Sealy, such that Sealy needs to be found before bedtime. This is a new phenomenon for me, as neither kid has much been into lovies before. He likes cars, and small rubber balls, and painting. He eats apples and yogurt tubes like they are going out of style. He can mostly sing the alphabet and recite numbers to 10, and recognizes the letters A and O. He's a little boy!
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First a brief note: Dillo slept all night again! Night five in a row! I am so well-rested I feel like I could manage Congress! Seriously, folks, I haven't felt so little tired in SIX YEARS. I am so not having another kid unless it comes with a pre-birth guarantee of sleeping 12 hour nights by 6 months.

(Of course, I am weaning Dillo on Saturday and he will probably stop sleeping through the night to spite me.)

So, Casper has been complaining since Valentine's that we never come to her school events like the other parents. Which we don't, at least the events that occur during the work day. And then Monday I was complaining that I'd had a boring day at work and Casper gave me the hard sell on how much FUN I'd have if I came to school with her - I could COLOR! So, since I am working late tonight, I emailed Mrs. E to see if it was convenient for me to visit class today. She said yes, if I came in after reading group where Casper is already highly distractable (confirming what I knew - it is pulling teeth to get her to read to me). So I showed up at 9 and stayed until 12.

I came away with a new respect for Mrs. E, who I think is doing great, and the aide (also, confusingly, a Mrs. E). Most of what I saw alternated between work on the smartboard or a flip chart (easier for the kids to write at), with the kids sitting on their squares on the carpet (or not sitting - more on this later), and work at the tables, a spin-off of something started as a group. They wrote sentences about animals (with drawings - Casper, with much prodding from me: "Pupes drink watr. Pupes catch a ball. Pupes lik pepul.") They glued a shape to a page and created a drawing around it. They counted, together, to 100 and took turns writing the new numbers (the 80s) on the group chart they are making. They sang about popcorn words. They went to the bathroom, quite a production, and went to lunch at 10:50am. I really enjoyed it.

All of the kids were, in the manner of 5 year olds, sometimes distracted, needing to be reminded to pay attention, fussing with one another, etc. Casper was one of the quieter and more attentive ones, but she too had her moments. Four of the kids (16 total) had some significant issues, were more wandery than others, just shut down sometimes, or had outbursts. Sadly, all 4 are black boys. (The class that day was 2 white girls, 5 black girls, 1 white boy, 3 latino boys (who were out of the classroom for a big chunk, I assume at some special language work), 4 black boys.) One of the boys who had issues is, I think, a mainstreamed special ed kid - he looked older than the others, and something happened that I missed that led to him being sent out and not eating lunch with the rest. Another is clearly very smart and engaged and good at the class work but can't control his temper, so sometimes when he was spoken to about sitting still or paying attention (like every other kid) would pitch a loud fit and have to go sit in his chair. The last two seemed very young for the class and just not ready to handle school (remember, we're 6 months into the year). I was sitting next to M much of the time, who was very sweet and wanted to hold my hand and hug on me, and craved attention, but talking to him was only slightly more sophisticated than talking to Dillo (who is admittedly pretty talky for a 2.5 year old boy). At one point something upset M. and he shut down, sitting quietly but not making eye contact with me and not responding to my overtures, not doing the work he had in front of him, just blank. He didn't seem to be working at the class level; could color but I didn't see him write any letters and needed help with numbers. The aide spent the majority of her time running interference with these 4 boys and the occasional pop-ups by many of the other kids. This despite Mrs. E changing activities every 10 minutes, doing motion breaks (jumping jacks), moving back and forth from the desks to the carpet, and constantly monitoring behavior, bringing the group back to focus, etc.

Thank god I'm not a kindergarten teacher. I was exhausted after watching them for 10 minutes.

I knew, intellectually, that the school was diverse and many of the children were from poor families. But it's another thing to see the diversity and see how some of the individual children don't have the same level of basic socialization that I take for granted. And I worry that the ones who are struggling so much already in kindergarten - what is going to happen to these kids in 10 years, when they are 15? J., the outburst boy, is clearly very smart and gets the work - what if he can't learn to handle things emotionally better? To what extent are these kids - the "problem" boys especially - already being labeled, in kindergarten, and what harm will those labels cause them along the way? It was all kind of gutting (though I loved being in the class and I loved the kids and their interest in me and their friendliness and openness). And I also wonder, what might Casper be achieving if she were in a class where all or even most of the kids were from families like hers? She was going to be pulled out with Mrs. B the gifted teacher at 12, and not for the first time - I don't know if for the gifted testing is ongoing, of if she's tested gifted and they haven't bothered to tell us yet. Must email.
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The Dillo has slept through the night - aaaall the way through the night, from bedtime to past 6 am - for the last 4 nights in a row! I am so well-rested that I lay awake in my bed between 5 and 6:15 am today!

It's not likely to keep up through the week, alas. He is much more likely to sleep all night when he hasn't napped (as on weekends). With no nap, he goes down fast between 7 and 7:30; with a nap (as in, last night) it is a huge struggle to get him down (last night he wasn't asleep until 9:30, and was rubbing his face on my saying "I wuv you, cat momma" for about an hour before that) and he is often awake in the night. But not last night!

Casper took off all her clothes as soon as she got home last night and scratched herself like crazy for hours. She has a little patch of skin on her cheek that sometimes flares up like eczema, and it was flaring. I rubbed her all over with lotion which didn't immediately help but I hope will - we've been having cold nights and the heat and dry air (very staticky heads!), plus she and Dillo and mr. flea had a huge bubble bath Sunday night which may have dried her skin out.

Casper is going to the dentist today (for the first time in 18 months, oops) and is VERY HAPPY and EXCITED about it. Also yesterday I was complaining about a boring day at work and she said I should come to her school, where I could "practice [my] coloring skills!" and read, and that would be exciting!

I emailed her teacher about something, and mentioned the "Casper is tall and beautiful" statement she (Casper) used to illustrate a fact, and she (the teacher) replied: "She has a wonderful imagination, and quite a well developed self-esteem! I wish I had her confidence!"

Heh. She's been sassy lately; we need to do a little cracking down about respect.
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I dunno if it's the shingles, the immense honkin' navy blue horse pills I am taking for the shingles, the psychological suggestion that I am sick so I am allowed to slack, or what, but I am about to fall asleep here at my desk.

It also might have to do with the bad week Dillo has had for sleep. He goes days in a row of sleeping from bedtime to 6am, and then days in a row of up at midnight and 4 or other random-ass times. Last night was the 4th or so day of the latter, and he was in bed with me in various locations all night except 15 minutes, and kept kicking me in my sore side. And now the weekend approaching, he will be up for the day at 6am and want me to watch the execrable Rugrats, which is the only reasonably child-friendly TV on at 6am on the weekends when I am too stupid to remember we own DVDs.

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The Dillo has started backseat driving, as a corollary to the ongoing "I don't want to go to school" theme. When we stop at red lights, he'll put his feet into the back of my seat and push, saying, "Go, go!" When the car gets close to his school (after I am dropped off), he'll start telling mr. flea to turn around, or turn, and go a different way. mr. flea has been teaching him to notice and name the red and green lights, which seems to be working as a distraction from, "I never get any donuts" and "I don't want to go at school."

We had a bunch of hilarious conversations at various points in bed together last night (and yes, for all intents and purposes Dillo and I are co-sleeping at this point, and I do not like this regression at all). The only one I really remember went:

me: Hello lovey boy. I love you.
Dillo: I love ... your nursie.

Yeah, pretty much.


Dec. 30th, 2008 12:21 pm
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Headachy & tired day, and I am home with the bunnies - Dillo is alternately incredibly loving and snuggly and violently loving, and Casper is a tv-and-candy-addled grumpy pain in the ass.

They are both sleeping 12 hours in this long break. Unfortunately Dillo is sleeping 6-6 (he takes my hand after dinner and asks to go to bed) and Casper is sleeping 9-9.

Have finished This Republic of Suffering (good) and I think must turn to Heyer. Possibly more caffeine but really how much can one woman drink?
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Casper was sick at 11:30, 3:30, and 5:30. Dillo was up and had a temper tantrum because I couldn't find his toy bottle between 1:30 and 2:30. Oh yeah, it's definitely a staying home way. Plus tons and tons of laundry.

Oh, great.

Dec. 11th, 2008 09:49 pm
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8:30 Got Casper to fall asleep in my bed. Moved downstairs with Dillo to his bed.
9:30 Dillo finally falls asleep. Oh my god, child.
9:35 Arrive upstairs to carry Casper down to her own bed (per her request before falling asleep.) Discover she has barfed in her sleep, in my bed. Fetch towel. Pick her up. She barfs into towel. Set her down. Remove her shirt, wash her face with washcloth, fetch new towel. Transport her to her bed. She is pretty much asleep through all of this.
9:40 Strip my bed, start laundry of the worst things. Room still stinks of vomit; vow to sleep on couch.

I hope to god she's bright as a daisy in the morning, because I have no sick time and no backup caregiver. Fuckity.

sweet kid

Oct. 17th, 2008 08:24 am
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Yesterday Dillo came home with a packet of art projects from school - the usual two year old stuff, marker drawings, paintings, little pieces of paper pasted onto a big piece of paper. When we picked up Casper, she took the packet and flipped through it carefully, really looking at each piece. And she was saying the sweetest things: "You are really getting good at your art works, boy! These are really good!"

In less good news, Dillo had a terrible night last night for no apparent reason, and spent from 12:45 on in bed with me, and was up at about 5:30. I am so tired and grumpy this morning.
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Dillo is full of songs lately. He sketches the rudiments of, and asks me to sing, Itsy Bitsy Spider, B-I-N-G-O, Row Row Row Your Boat, the ABCD song, and Twinkle Twinkle. There's another one i don't know about a crocodile who goes SNAP on a monkey. These are all coming from school, which makes me feel good about what they are doing. I feel out of touch with his school; all I know is he comes home very sandy most days (good) and rather covered in minor bruises and bumps (less good).

He's really quite a good talker now. I don't know how comprehensible he is to people outside our family, but he makes long sentences that have some semblance of grammatical correctness, though they sometimes lack verbs.

He spent this morning running about the house in a "dress" made of a dish towel tied on around his armpits, first dancing to Burl Ives, then up to little projects, including playing "match the animal cards" with Grandma T. He's sleeping through until 4:30-5 most nights, such that a bad night when he woke 3 times with a stuffy head was really a shock.

We discovered mr. flea's old light saber when unpacking:
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This wasn't Casper today, but rather the day that we drove down to Athens, after the movers took our stuff.

last day at old house (in park)

Her attitude today was rather more screamful, with added kicking and fighting. We made it to school only five minutes late (first tardy notice on day five!), but mr. flea thinks we should start waking her at 6:30 instead of 7, to have more time to deal with her before the 7:30 leave the house deadline. I dunno. I wish this would get her to sleep earlier, but not so far.

The thing about Dillo sleeping through (he would have last night, except a bathroom-needing screamfest from Casper at midnight woke him) is that when he sleeps through, he's up for the day at 5 or 5:30 or 6. I guess this is better than up at 10 and 12 and 2 and 4, but it's still sub-ideal.
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The big issue remains the children's sleep. We got Dillo to sleep yesterday afternoon by driving around in the car "exploring", and he made the transfer inside and slept for 4 hours. But then didn't get to bed until 9 and was up too many times in the night as usual, and up in the morning at 7. Casper didn't get to bed last night until 10 (was lying awake in her bed for at least the final hour) and slept in until 10am. She still looks awful (bags under the eyes and cough), and how we're going to be ready for a 7:45 start of school a week from today I have no idea. Dillo slept a little in the car late this afternoon (more "exploring") but woke up grumpy after 45 minutes and took a long time to regain his humanity. I've asked mr. flea to put him down tonight and there has been a lot of crying. I really need to get him nightweaned (first) and sleeping through (second) and he really doesn't want either. But my sanity is seriously going from the chronic exhaustion.

Dillo went on a visit to his new daycare this morning and it was a success. mr. flea was able to leave him for 45 minutes while he filled out paperwork and talked to the director. He hugged me tightly when he got home but was able to tell me about the visit (Jenny and Terry are the teachers; he played on the playground; he ate raisins for snack). He might be better cared for by them, at this point; at least they could probably get him to nap. I'm honestly considering sending him even before we need to. We're paying for all of August anyway and the structure would be better for him than the mess we have going on here. They even have home-cooked vegetarian meals, whereas here we eat hot dogs and tater tots.

We don't need to send Dillo to day care soon any more because mr. flea was unable to get his "I finished my dissertation" letter in time to be processed to start work on Monday, so now he can't start work until the 18th. I'm not happy about this; the whole reason we had the clusterfuck of dissertation defense + move two days apart was to make the August 4 start date. We could have had a much easier time of things if we'd known. It's like the fucking dissertation has to come around and bite me in the ass one last time. (The letter was delayed because mr. flea's revisions needed revisions, due to formatting issues, and the office that checks in dissertations was moving this week.) So, we had recriminations and defensiveness while we drove around "exploring" this afternoon. That was fun.

In good news, our social whirl continues; we've been invited to a party tomorrow night. It's at 7:30 pm and no kids, so if we make it it will probably be as a tag-team, since even if we could find a babysitter at this date I would hesitate to inflict our overtired and ill-behaved children on some innocent teenager, at bedtime. The family has a daughter Casper's age with the same name. The other good news is we found mr. flea's bicycle helmet (which was missing in NC) and the power cord to my computer, which somehow got packed in a box marked "Christmas lights."
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Things aren't getting easier; if anything, they are getting harder. A big contributor is Dillo's current nap strike (3 days now); first of all, he really needs a nap still, and second of all, when he does take a big nap, I can park Casper with a video and get things done. He's up lots in the night and Casper has had a screaming festival in the night most nights in the new house so far, too. She's got a bad cough which has been going on for more than a week and worries me, and they both look so worn down and tired. And yet, no napping.

Since unpacking the kids' rooms first did in fact help them a lot, I tried unpacking MY stuff today, or starting. mr. flea set up the computer (my computer) but can't find the power cord, oops. The cable/internet people are supposed to come tomorrow between 8 and 10 am, so assuming the power cord turns up we won't have to fight over the laptop and will have a better connection. And PBS! AND SYTYCD!!!! (Cable/internet is Charter.com; they are certified evil, but we have very few choices.) We put the mattress upstairs, so mr. flea can sleep up there, but given the children, I'll probably have to sleep downstairs for a while. We've got Dillo on the double futon mattress, on the floor, so there is room for me.

We're in the market for a queen-sized bed that uses slats instead of a box spring (because a queen box spring won't go up the stairs) and doesn't have a footboard (because mr. flea is 6'6" and his feet need room to hang off the end. Unfortunately all I can find are modern platform beds in this vein, whose style I don't like. I'd love cherry, traditional, but they all require box springs.

We also need a desk for the computer. I should check craigslist; we also might go to Atlanta some day soon, to go to the aquarium, so we can check Ikea too. The idea is something that can go in the living room for now, and can be Casper's desk when she's a little older.

We found out today that Casper's school will start at 7:45 am and run to 2:30; I need to get the scoop on after school. This argues for an early schedule for me and mr. flea, too. We'll see. He is stressed because his "I finished" letter is being hung up and unless it gets to the EPA tomorrow he can't start working on Monday. And I am stressed too.
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You are so sweet and so cute, but please stop talking and go to sleep already!
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After a weekend of lethargy and overwhelm, I have been getting so much done today I am starting to feel - well, a little overwhelmed.

-emailed some cleaners (who I think are summer-working college students, so pass my ethics test) about helping deep-clean the kitchen and bathroom. This became more necessary after I realized we are going to need to WASH the WALLS in the kitchen. How have I lived in this filth for so long?

-forwarded mail.

-listed for free baby stuff, including the crib Dillo is sleeping in right now (um, oops?). Turns out the graduate student parents list-serv is the way to get rid of baby stuff for free. The crib was a loaner from my coworker and she'd said she wanted it back but this morning when I tried to arrange pickup she said maybe she'd like to give it away as her 15 year old has a serious girlfriend suddenly and she has a weird karmic feeling that to bring the crib back into her house would risk teenage pregnancy (hee!). So I listed it with the other stuff and am getting 1 million emails. Dillo has been napping in it but spending most of every night in our bed, so what the hell. He is 2 and should transition to the double-bed futon pretty well at the new house (my plan of sharing a room in bunk beds is meeting Casper resistance, and he'd fall out of a full-height bed I suspect - fall out of our bed occasionally), and I can set up the pack n play for naps.

-Moo mini-cards came - they are TINY. But cute and I am feeling v. clever. Will hand them out at farewell party at work, farewell cookout, and when we meet new people in Athens. They have our xmas card photo, names, address, cell #, and emails.

-another Bookmooch, package to Mother, packed up. Set Bookmooch to vacation.

-Assembling stuff for a Goodwill run tomorrow AM while we take Dillo for his checkup.

-Need to call TROSA about furniture pickup.
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The Dillo had his first full-on two-year-old-style tantrum the other morning. It was about clothing, natch (which was a Terrible Struggle with Casper often enough at this age.) I took off his shirt, you see. Never mind that he'd worn it the day before and all night (we don't do summer pajamas, really - it's diaper or tee-shirt and diaper, depending on temperature). He wanted to keep wearing it, damn it! I misjudged his level of ire, since he does sometimes put up a minor fuss at the changing of clothes (though more usually at the putting on part - he likes to be nakey) and this exacerbated the tantrum. A calming down session in his crib helped a little but not for long. It all went on until well past my departure for work.

So, while he is a mellow dude in some ways, he does have a temper on occasion.

He's picked up a lot of verbs lately, although he's not conjugating them, of course. He also has acquired two pronouns: my and mine, of course. He says "no" now, too, most usually when contemplating something he is not supposed to do or touch, he'll say, "No no no no no." He's talking lots more at school, and about his teachers. Miss Apryl was on vacation last week, and he told me so every evening at nursie time, "Apryl bye-bye." Yesterday he told Miss Apryl, "Apryl, I sleepy," before lunch. (Oh, hey, that's another pronoun!)

After a phase of several weeks when he wanted to sleep in our bed, he is back to sleeping in his crib. He did a funny sleep schedule switch a few times this week - down from bedtime (now often enough after 8pm - it's so damned light outside) until 12:30, then up to nurse, then sleeping in until 6:30!! I like this new routine, if that is what it is.

Casper is liking YMCA camp. Yesterday was the first Wacky Wednesday and the counselors all dressed as smurfs. This amuses me. Since I don't do the drop-off I have very little idea about what goes on, but mr. flea informs me that their morning assemblies are a marvel - the roomful of kids doing cheers with hand motions and such. Casper does some of the cheers at home - last night as I was digging iris with Dillo wrapped around my neck, she was riding her bike in the landlady's driveway and cheering, "You're Boom! You're blowin' up, you're blowin' up!" The YMCA does seem to be a little heavy-handed about pushing some of their values. Casper gave us a diatribe at dinner the other night about how we should always respect God, for example. But on balance it seems like a good place. I like the diversity and the energy of the counselors. I do worry about her being so little sometimes (though they have rising K and first grade together, so most of the time the littles are not mixed with the huge kids).


Apr. 21st, 2008 12:37 pm
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Whoa, it's already one heckuva day, and looking like one heckuva week. In positive news, Dillo slept from 8pm to 5am last night. Turns out if I get 7 hours of sleep in a row I wake up fresh as a daisy and find the strength to do a month's worth of Quicken AND bake zucchini bread, all before 7am!

At work a search committee I am on is phone-screening, and it's a lot of time and also intense. And another search has 2 candidates coming in this week, so more time & intense.

mr. flea has formally turned down the job offer he had in Singapore, and will accept the one with the EPA in Athens, GA. He's really mourning the loss of the Singapore opportunity. He compared it to the time when he took off for unspecified points West in a panel van after college, and really wanted to get a dog, and went and got a dog at the pound, but realized he wouldn't be living in such a way that would be fair to the dog, so took the dog back. I hope that analogy makes sense. He knew what the right choice was, but he really really wanted to be in a position to make the other choice. His letter was good - expressed keen interest in continuing to be in touch and possibly finding a way to work together in the future.

I emailed two realtors we've been referred to last night at about 9pm, and heard from one at 7am and one just now; both say they will call today. I suppose it's endemic to the profession of realty that the people are incredibly perky, isn't it? I don't suppose Snarky Real Estate Inc. would be very successful. Sigh. Must gird loins. Don't know much about buying a house except that I have a lot to learn and it will be a lot of work.


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