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You can't remember which of the basic rash diseases they've had. Casper has blotchy red cheeks today, and I'm trying to recall if she ever had Fifth Disease. I am sure she's had Roseola, and I think hand foot and mouth. Dillo's only has one serious rash, on his first birthday, and it wasn't defineably any of the Classic Six. His cheeks are starting to come on red but he has such a Celtic complexion it could just be from the couple of hours spent playing outside.

Well, we'll see what develops. I just hope Casper's not having a histamine reaction, which might mean she's developing a sensitivity to pistachios, which she adores and ate in large numbers last night.

Dillo, for his part, is ill with Five Year Old Entitlement Syndrome, for which the only know cure is Time and Maturity. He has taken to throwing a fit if we don't do what he wants, or buy him what he wants, instantly. And we don;t, obviously. The fits are very tedious, and also loud.
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Yesterday we did errands and grocery and bought a Christmas tree and put it up and I made a batch of gingersnaps and baked half, and baked the rest of last weekend's speculaas and made pizza, and at that point we agreed we were too tired to go downtown and watch Santa rappell off of Macy's and set off a fireworks display.

Casper came down and got in our bed, and I went up and slept in hers. First I was awakened by mr. flea, coming to sleep in Casper's bed because he felt crowded in our bed (and assumed I was in it, on the other side of Casper, and was very startled to find me in her bed!). Then Dillo had to pee (he still has to be taken.) I was still awake and congratulating myself on getting him to the potty (because as annoying as taking a 5 year old down a flight of stairs to pee it still beats changing a bed) when there were shouts from downstairs and a pause, then mr. flea called up, "It's your responsibility." (He's poop; I'm vomit.)

Casper went from asleep to throwing up almost instantaneously, and got herself and almost everything on the bed (our bed, remember), and it was an unpleasant one even as these things go. mr. flea lumbered back up to her bed and I got her changed and set up in a nest on the living room floor and stripped the bed and started the laundry, and she couldn't sleep so I started a Nature about hummingbirds (which was beautiful and fascinating - their shoulders rotate, and their wings go in a figure 8 - oh the joys of slomo cameras!). She threw up 5-6 more times over the next 3 hours, although there was pretty much nothing to throw up. She is such a big girl; all apologetic and stoic.

When Dillo got up late for a weekend at 7:30 we were still exhausted, so mr. flea took him out to breakfast, and we watched a movie, and then they came back, and we watched a movie, and then the boys went out again to get different flea meds for the cats (have I mentioned we have been battling fleas pretty hard for 2 weeks now - through one dose of Frontline on both cats, and flea-bombing Casper's bedroom last weekend, neither of which seems to have taken. Casper is terribly flea-bitten, though the rest of us are not.) Casper and I napped, then we watched another movie. (I also did 8 loads of laundry, the dishes, baked the rest of the gingersnaps, which are for the student workers I am managing, and made lasagna.

Casper seems fine and ate lasagna for dinner; she's pale and tired but not sick. Now that I am working again, I hate to lose a weekend to such things. Christmas? What Christmas?
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Dillo: You said we were going to build a treehouse yesterday!
me: You can't build a treehouse in one day. You and Daddy did some measuring yesterday, and that is a step, but there are many steps to build a treehouse.
Dillo: But it's already builded in my MIND!

This one took place in bed, and I was trying to not respond to stop the bedtime chitter-chatter:
Dillo: What's two sets of two?
Dillo: Four.
Dillo: What's two sets of three?
Dillo: Six.
Dillo: What's two sets of seven?
Dillo: I don't have enough hands for that.

I am home until mid-afternoon with barfy Casper, and then will go in and work until 10.  It's been a weird week.

Cast 2.0

Apr. 6th, 2010 09:20 pm
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Over the weekend I noticed that Casper could move her thumb in her cast - she could pull it in and poke it out like a turtle's head from a shell. Since the thumb is the broken part that the cast is supposed to be immobilizing, this seemed problematic. A call the the orthopedist yielded an appointment for today. They removed the old cast with a vibrating special cast saw, and x-rayed, and re-cast her, this time in purple, and a tighter wrap. (She was still quite swollen when they did the first cast, so I gather the looseness comes from that subsiding.) The bone is healing nicely and she should be finished with this cast in 2 weeks. She wants to take the old cast to school tomorrow so everyone can try it on. I am sure they will do so with glee, despite it being filthy. Michael made sure she thoroughly washed her hand while briefly between casts.
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Well, they got out of the ER very quickly, and picked up Dillo and were home just after 6. Casper is apparently in fine spirits and in no need of the prescription Tylenol with codeine they wrote a scrip for. She's very excited to show everyone at school her splint and says they will be so surprised. mr. flea noted that she seems "proud of herself"!

The main challenge now will be getting her shirt off without cutting it - it's got narrow sleeves and they won't fit over the splint.


Mar. 24th, 2010 05:02 pm
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Casper and mr. flea are at the ER right now, getting a splint for her broken left thumb. She fell off the monkey bars at after school at maybe 2:30 (early release day) and seemed to have jammed her thumb, and it swelled up immediately. They called me, I called mr. flea who happily was not in the field this week. He fetched Casper and took her home, and our neighbor who's an ER nurse and mother had a look, and recommended we get an x-ray. mr. flea called the pediatrician, who I guess said to go to the ER, since that was where heard from then next. The ER did an x-ray and there is a small break at the base of the thumb, which may involve the growth plate, so they are splinting it for now and will give us a referral to an orthopedist. (My brother has one thumb that is very much shorter than the other; although the family joke is he stunted it playing too many video games, I think he actually broke it skateboarding and nobody realized it was broken, and the growth plate must have been affected. So, we want Casper to have symmetrical thumbs.)

Drama of the moment is mr. flea is at the ER with no cell and no clear idea of when they'll be done. Dillo is still at school which closes one hour from now. mr. flea has orders to call me if he's not walking out the door of the building at 5:30, and I will call Dillo's school and call around our neighbors to see if anyone can go get him.

Poor bunnies. I am not worried for anyone's longterm health, but Casper must be in some pain and a little scared, and mr. flea is obviously worried and stressed out, and Dillo is languishing at school in ignorance of the drama. Poor Casper just got a second crown on Monday, too, so it's like the week of health woes.


Feb. 24th, 2010 04:52 pm
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Casper got crown #1 today. She was apparently fine at the dentist, but after they were home for a while the novocaine wore off and she was crying in pain. (mr. flea called the dentist and they said that the pain was probably because they seat the crown under the gumline, not from the pulpotomy action.) Motrin is helping.

And I'm at work, and not home with my baby whose cavities are all my fault anyway. Wah.
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What's it about? What it's always fucking about around here, folks - dentistry. Casper went in today. At her cleaning 5 months ago they said she had one cavity. We switched dentists (for various unrelated reasons). These ones say two crowns, possibly root canals, and 8 additional fillings, and sealants, and the treatment plan comes to more than $2000. WTFF? We JUST paid these people $1000 for Dillo's fillings. How can she have developed this much more tooth decay in 5 months, during a time when we have been working pretty hard to brush teeth appropriately? This is the kid who cooperates! Who brushes her teeth and has been to the dentist regularly! And had clean checkups until that one 5 months ago. How did we get to 2 crowns?

mr. flea, who did the honors this time, was too stunned to do much but make an appointment.

AND I can't even post about it on Facebook because my mother is there now and we lie to her about this. Because I'd never hear the end of it, otherwise. She is EXTREMELY holier than thou about dentistry, being married to a dentist.

shaggy boy

Sep. 20th, 2009 04:34 pm
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The Dillo's hair is getting very long indeed - I often offer to cut it after baths, and he declines, saying he wants it long. I think this is in part in imitation of his sister, whose hair is juuust long enough to make a single braid. I don't mind his hair being long, as it's delightfully curly at the nape of the neck, but the front is a little out of hand and gets plastered to his forehead with sweat in warm weather. Boys are wearing their hair long these days in general, as I noted to my mother, and she concurred that her Sunday school third graders were shaggy. Today in the car he was pulling his bang out and noting they went down to his nose! I offered to cut his hair so he could see, and he told me he'd just brush it back off his face when he needed to see.

He's quite interested in the zoophonics he's getting at school. Today he & mr. flea went to work putting all the alphabet magnets back on the fridge (after he deliberately thew them on the floor - testing, testing three year old). He turns out to know many of the letters - their sounds, and what zoophonics animal they go with, if not their proper names. Dee-dee Deer, and someone Gorilla, and Sammy Snake. He knows E and O and P. He really likes the number four for some reason, and is pretty good at the numbers from 1-5, recognizing them and understanding what they mean, and putting up the right number of fingers.

He's at that age where he tells long rambling stories that don't really make a lot of sense but are full of ideas and drama and import. Like the infamous little French girl, Capucine, on Youtube, who is probably also three.

Casper was deeply embarrassed every time I mentioned her recent gastroenterological illness (i.e. to her father, and to my mother - I wasn't informing strangers at the supermarket, and as I told her, there's nothing to be ashamed of in sickness), so let's pretend I didn't mention it here, shall we? Conversations elsewhere have made me worry again about where the line is appropriate to draw. She still can't read. But should I be locking this down pre-emptively?


Sep. 18th, 2009 08:09 am
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Casper woke up at 2:30 am calling me, having had diarrhea in her sleep. I was awake with her until about 5, and she's gone through 3 (of her brother's) diapers and two towels she was lying on AND I had to strip my bed. Mostly while she was asleep. And after we gave her immodium. Dayum.

Oh the, uh, plus side, I got to lie awake listening to her stomach gurgle and contemplating the etymology of diarrhea, which literally in Greek means "through-flows." She's got the through-flows all right.

She seems in decent spirits, but dayum, not how I planned to spend my Friday.
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Today is Casper's sixth birthday! She's also kinda sick and went to school. Here's how the week went: Monday, popped a fever in the evening. Kept her home Tuesday; she seemed fine, just a little cold. Was driven nearly mad by the bickering (kept Dillo home too, as he was on day 4 of a junky cough and pinkeye). Wednesday, she went to school, and on pickup at 5:15 complained of an earache. Motrin fixed it, but she did go to bed on the early side. Thursday morning I had actually pretty much forgotten about the earache and she went to school as usual. Thursday at 4:15 I got a call from afterschool that she was crying from an earache. mr. flea picked up me and we got her and she was in a terrible state, in a lot of pain. Took her home, gave her Motrin, she cried until it kicked in about 40 minutes later, then fell sound asleep. After a two-hour nap, she woke up, ate dinner, did her homework, and went to bed as usual.

Then the dilemma was what to do today. She had a crusty eye in the morning and a little cough. We sent her in (with cupcakes). mr. flea was hoping to get a late afternoon doctor's appointment so she could go to school normally, and then he could pick her up from after school and have her ear looked at. Unfortunately the doctor's office closes early on Friday - they could see her at 12 or not at all. There's an Urgent Care that's an option, but it's $50. So we're following the normal routine, and I'll call after school early on to see how she is. If she starts getting bad again, mr. flea can go get her and take her to Urgent Care, and I can cut out from work early and meet them at home when they're done. I told her she should ask her teachers to call me if she started having a sore ear at any point during the day, and asked her to try to drink a lot of water in hopes of keeping the head mucus loose. It all feels like a terrible solution - aside from the fact that she wanted to go to school to share her birthday with her class, mr. flea feels like he's taken a lot of time off lately (him & Dillo to the doctor last Friday, him & Casper to the dentist Tuesday, cutting out at 4:30 yesterday to pick up Casper) and I had several things to do this morning and took Tuesday as a sick day.

If only we had a housewife.
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The Dillo has slept through the night - aaaall the way through the night, from bedtime to past 6 am - for the last 4 nights in a row! I am so well-rested that I lay awake in my bed between 5 and 6:15 am today!

It's not likely to keep up through the week, alas. He is much more likely to sleep all night when he hasn't napped (as on weekends). With no nap, he goes down fast between 7 and 7:30; with a nap (as in, last night) it is a huge struggle to get him down (last night he wasn't asleep until 9:30, and was rubbing his face on my saying "I wuv you, cat momma" for about an hour before that) and he is often awake in the night. But not last night!

Casper took off all her clothes as soon as she got home last night and scratched herself like crazy for hours. She has a little patch of skin on her cheek that sometimes flares up like eczema, and it was flaring. I rubbed her all over with lotion which didn't immediately help but I hope will - we've been having cold nights and the heat and dry air (very staticky heads!), plus she and Dillo and mr. flea had a huge bubble bath Sunday night which may have dried her skin out.

Casper is going to the dentist today (for the first time in 18 months, oops) and is VERY HAPPY and EXCITED about it. Also yesterday I was complaining about a boring day at work and she said I should come to her school, where I could "practice [my] coloring skills!" and read, and that would be exciting!

I emailed her teacher about something, and mentioned the "Casper is tall and beautiful" statement she (Casper) used to illustrate a fact, and she (the teacher) replied: "She has a wonderful imagination, and quite a well developed self-esteem! I wish I had her confidence!"

Heh. She's been sassy lately; we need to do a little cracking down about respect.
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This is the way the last 4 weeks have gone:
Week 1: Dillo sick with fever, I miss 2 days of work.
Week 2: mr. flea in Europe, Thanksgiving.
Week 3: I work Sunday, I am sick with fever and sore throat, go to work very sick Tuesday, miss 2 days.
Week 4: mr. flea in AZ, kids barfy, I miss 1 day of work.

This week, the kids are still sick. Today, Casper has terrible diarrhea but otherwise seems okay, is eating and drinking and helped me paint the kitchen a bit, seems pale and fragile but hanging in there. But, can't send her to school when she's darned likely to poop in her pants or on the floor of the bathroom. Dillo had diarrhea yesterday, but today seems feverish and just incredibly whiny and cranky and clingy. Didn't want to eat or drink until about noon; did nurse and is having wet diapers.

mr. flea went to work this AM and emailed at 11:30 that he thinks he is coming down with something; he's a bit hypochondriacal, so I can't be sure if it's psychosomatic or not. I walked in for 1pm, after Dillo pitched a fit at me leaving, and am supposed to be here until 10.

I just want everyone to be well, and to go to school/work, and a little routine. Is that too much to ask? Also, Amazon, please send my package, god damn it.
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In the plus column, we acquired Christmas cards (half #5 and half #9 - the former for elderly relatives and the latter for folks with a sense of humor) (viva la Target; I sent in the order and got an email 8 minutes later saying it was ready), got the grocery shopping done, got 25 leaf bags to the curb (mr. flea), and washed, taped and cut in 1/2 of the kitchen walls (me).

In the minus column, Dillo is pretty poorly, pale, threw up all day long long after there was nothing left inside (we've given him some fluids to prevent dehydration and he throws them up). Casper was okay, not barfy but listless and low, and then fell asleep and woke with one of her night-terror-like times - loud, inconsolable crying. Both are fitfully asleep now in the living room. I sit and look at them and frown. mr. flea's turn to stay home tomorrow.


Dec. 14th, 2008 08:03 am
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Both kids are sick again. They were better for 36 hours, and now we're exactly where we were on Friday. What the hell?

I am starting to really stress about Christmas now. Today we were supposed to get our tree and get started shopping for mr. flea's family. Plus the usual grocery shopping. With the kids down, the Christmas tree farm is out; I guess I could send mr. flea to prowl for church parking lots (I have not seen a single place selling trees in Athens, but they must exist!) Mr. flea can do the grocery run single handed, but I wanted to hit the chichi kids store and Jittery Joe's in the same mall while we were there. mr. flea's sister set up an Amazon wish list last night, so it looks like we can shop for her online, except it's not finished (nothing listed for my niece, and we have to sort out what if anything, we'll do for my possibly STBXBIL). (Amusingly, my 9 year old nephew's list is 15 items long, and every single one of them is a Lego Star Wars item.)

I was a little skimpy on my own family, but I'm basically done unless I get guilty and throw some more money at them; I'm just waiting for packages to arrive. We got Target gift cards for the kids' teachers last night (we got a sitter! and went on a hot date to Target!) and got some stocking stuffers, though I was disappointed with the choices; it's a smaller Target and the toy aisles in particular seemed to have been ransacked. And I could not find ANY digger trucks that did not make annoying noises. I think I can finish that aspect in Kroger/Earth Fare/a couple of chichi kids stores downtown on my lunch hour.

And I really wanted to get the kitchen painted this weekend. Sigh.
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Casper is better. Has kept down water, appleasuace, crackers and seems in good spirits.

Dillo was fine until about 15 minutes ago, when he threw up all over himself and me. Oh well, at least it seems to pass quickly - Casper's only lasted 9 hours.

Good thing I kept him home instead of sending him to daycare.
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Casper was sick at 11:30, 3:30, and 5:30. Dillo was up and had a temper tantrum because I couldn't find his toy bottle between 1:30 and 2:30. Oh yeah, it's definitely a staying home way. Plus tons and tons of laundry.

Oh, great.

Dec. 11th, 2008 09:49 pm
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8:30 Got Casper to fall asleep in my bed. Moved downstairs with Dillo to his bed.
9:30 Dillo finally falls asleep. Oh my god, child.
9:35 Arrive upstairs to carry Casper down to her own bed (per her request before falling asleep.) Discover she has barfed in her sleep, in my bed. Fetch towel. Pick her up. She barfs into towel. Set her down. Remove her shirt, wash her face with washcloth, fetch new towel. Transport her to her bed. She is pretty much asleep through all of this.
9:40 Strip my bed, start laundry of the worst things. Room still stinks of vomit; vow to sleep on couch.

I hope to god she's bright as a daisy in the morning, because I have no sick time and no backup caregiver. Fuckity.


Oct. 27th, 2008 12:04 pm
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I'm only posting cause I'm sick of looking at the last post.

Casper was home sick Friday, and slept until 11, and then took a nap from 4-5:30, all of which did her good. Much less coughing, off to school today. She does tend to look a little blue under the eyes by bedtime and fall into bed easily, so we need to get her down extra early tonight. Over the weekend she slept in until 10 both days.

Dillo is now sickening and snotty-sounding - last night he sounded all froggy. Also so tired from no nap that he fell on his face from a position of leaning on the couch and both bit his lip and bloodied his nose.

In general, had a crap weekend due to my mood, no apparent reason.

I have been crunching numbers from statistics week, now with Google docs web form instead of tick sheets, and found that while we started the week okay, we ended it sucky, and probably undercounted by more than half. The problem is, it's part-time students who do most of the recording. I guess I should scold them; not sure how best to ensure greater compliance.
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She seems to be doing well. Mrs. E spoke of her as a good citizen of the class, friendly with several of the girls and a good example to them of standing up for herself in the face of a few boys who are behaviour problems (which Mrs. E says they are working hard on. They the teachers, I mean, as well as they the boys in question.) She knows all her letters and the sounds and is starting to sound out words in her reading group. She's well into working on or already meeting most of the grade-level skills for the year, and we have 3/4 of it to go. They do do phonics, which relieves mr. flea, who attributes his inability to spell to newfangled non-phonics education. (English is HARD.)

(She's not in the most advanced reading group - there is a group that is reading the simplest books already. Must not tell my mother, who in a recent phone call when I talked about how Casper is getting close to reading, said that my grandmother Dod, who was my mother's parenting oracle as she had dysfunctional parents and had me at 22, told her that HER children (my father, aunt and uncle) all could read when they started kindergarten, so my mother decided I had to be able to read when I started kindergarten, and so she taught me at 4, and (unspoken, so far) why didn't Casper get to kindergarten already reading, must be flea's fault!!)

The only thing Mrs. E brought up that we could work on is that sometimes when she is tired/not feeling well/ upset she stops talking and resorts to little whimpering noises and then gets frustrated when Mrs. E and the aide don't understand. She does this at home, too, of course, so we are already working on it. It can be hard for her to express her emotions; she's pretty stoic for a while I think and then topples over. Possibly I am projecting.

I picked her up early today - they were released at 12:30 because of the conferences, and I picked her up at 1. We walked home, spread some "spider webs" on the front bushes, planted some iris and daffodils that I brought from NC, Casper built the most adorable treehouse for her little mouse figure out of a magnolia leaf and tape and some lambs' ear leaves and a tiny doll quilt and a washcloth (and the mouse has a dress made from a wipe), we took a big bubble bath together, I made soup and she ate bacon and did some art stuff involving a large vat of blue-dyed water, and then we walked back to school, visited the Scholastic book fair where I spent $24 and got some good bargains, and then to the conference. She is looking tired and run down and still is having digestive problems off and on - had diarrhea this afternoon. She often says her stomach hurts, and her voice is hoarse like a cold is coming on. I had hoped to get her to nap, but fat chance. I hope mr. flea can get her to sleep early tonight. She feels fragile to me right now. But I am proud that she is happy at school, working carefully, and a good citizen (who also, Mrs. E told us, likes to make people (including Mrs. E) laugh, but she's good at choosing when to be funny, and isn't disruptive with it, as some of the other kids who think they are funny are.)


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