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2012-10-24 07:02 pm
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Too Political for Facebook

Dillo: If Mitt Romney wins we'll have to move...
mr. flea: Why would we have to move?
Dillo: Because he's going to shut down the EPA.

He has, in fact, threatened to do so - at one point in the primaries every single candidate was vowing s/he'd shut down the EPA - but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't actually do it.
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2012-10-18 10:46 pm
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Too sappy for Facebook

Dillo and I are in his bed, discussing the teachers at his school.
me: So, of all the teachers and the other grownups who work at your school, who is your favorite?
Dillo: My favorite is the lady who works in the library in the mornings, and arranges the books.

(That lady is me.)
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2012-09-19 05:44 pm
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Kid Stuff From Facebook

Aug. 15
"Mom, would making a friend from earwax be over-weird?" (Dillo)
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2012-04-01 07:26 pm
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stuff I can't post on Facebook; books

mr. flea and Dillo (who is in the bath) are having a hilarious argument involving whether or not Dillo should pull back his foreskin and wash underneath it. Dillo had apparently never noticed that he is uncircumcised and mr. flea is, and I think mr. flea just got his junk out to demonstrate.

In higher-mind news, this year so far I have read Middlemarch, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and am halfway through A Tale of Two Cities - all on Kindle. Over break I also read Wide Sargasso Sea in print.
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2011-08-06 02:48 pm

Blast from the past (and the rest of This Week on Facebook)

8/6/11: My mother is meeting someone today who is interested in renting the Cape house next summer. She told me the name, and I said, "I think I attended her birthday party in 1982." And I looked at my album, and I think I was right!

I was, in fact, right, and she remembered me (I have a memorable and unique name) and there's a picture in my album of about 6 8-9 year old girls shivering on a cold afternoon at Stoney Beach, marked August 13, 1982. I think my grandparents (with whom I spent the summer that year) must have known her grandparents; I think they lived on Buzzards Bay Avenue, down from the Schleichers. Presumably no longer living.

Unfortunately, I get to have feelings of inadequacy and underachievement, because this woman is a full professor of Economics at MIT, having graduated summa from Harvard, done an M. Phil at Oxford, and a PhD at MIT. She got her PhD in 2001, got a TT job at MIT in 2005, got tenure in 2007, and made full professor in 2008, all of which means she is hot shit. She works in the economics of health care and health insurance. She's probably met BOTH Barack Obama and Atul Gawande. She also has a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

I'm, um, probably taller than she is? Must repeat the mantra: Things I could have accomplished if only I had a completely different personality are not actually things I could have, or should have, accomplished.

8/5/11: We're watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds and Dillo says, "I wish Daddy was here so he could watch this *fabulous* movie." The kids LOVE it.

8/2/11: This morning I found and shredded neat file folders of utility bills and credit card statements, dating to 2000-2003. We also have taxes back to 1990 (but I am keeping those, mr. flea, if you're reading this, even though you only need to keep the past 7 years!)

8/2/11: Me: What is this on your windowsill? Dillo: That's garlic, to keep the vampires away.

8/1/11: Played "Muskrat Love" for the children (after mr. flea mentioned hearing it in the bathroom at Kroger.) They were not impressed.

8/1/11: Today is day one of Camp Our Street, coordinated by Coach Mommy. Somehow I doubt my energy will match that of the wonderful coaches at the Athens YMCA.

7/31/11: Casper is eating banana muffins with chopsticks.

7/25/11: It turns out we don't have a copy of our marriage certificate. I hope HR accepts the "souvenir cards" the court sent us as proof of our 13-year marriage.
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2011-07-27 06:26 am
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Recent Child Moments from Facebook

7/24: Casper is singing an original song titled The Ballad of Han Solo.

7/23: Dillo: I know what Daddy's next job should be! Working at Chuck E Cheese!

7/21: Casper explained Elvis to Dillo this evening: Elvis was like Justin Bieber in the 80s!

7/20: Me: Casper, can you please take a shower? Casper: NEVER! Mwuah-ah-ah-ah! Dillo: Say it to me! Me: Dillo, can you please take a shower? Dillo: NEVER! Mwuah-ah-ah-ah!

7/15: Casper: Do people in China use chopsticks to eat bacon? Me: Bacon isn't really a food they have in China. Casper: WHAT? They have NO BACON in CHINA??? (Guess who is never moving to China...)

7/14: "Daddy, I really want tomorrow to be a weekend." (Dillo)

7/11: Surprisingly, Dillo is much more excited about his new remote control car than the new backpack and non-highwater pants for fall.
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2011-05-15 09:00 am
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The creativity of the 4 year old mind

Dillo's hit that age where he's full of amazing questions and observations. Like just now:

"Can we ask Jesus what death looks like?"
"Well, Jesus lived a long time ago; he's not on earth any more."
"But Mom, you know we can talk to spirits!"

I am now envisioning a seance to ask Jesus what death is like.
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2011-04-30 09:44 pm

On the existence of Hobbit Two

Dillo: I want to read more Hobbit after tomorrow [when we plan to finish Danny The Champion of the World].
Me: Do you mean you want to read it again? Because we already read the whole thing' we finished the story.
Dillo: I want to read Hobbit Two, and then when we finish that we can get Hobbit Three and read that. [beat] It only goes up to Four.

He was quite sorry when I explained to him that there was only Hobbit One ("why?") and also sore at me for laughing at him.
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2011-04-21 07:41 am

Adorable Conversations

Dillo: You said we were going to build a treehouse yesterday!
me: You can't build a treehouse in one day. You and Daddy did some measuring yesterday, and that is a step, but there are many steps to build a treehouse.
Dillo: But it's already builded in my MIND!

This one took place in bed, and I was trying to not respond to stop the bedtime chitter-chatter:
Dillo: What's two sets of two?
Dillo: Four.
Dillo: What's two sets of three?
Dillo: Six.
Dillo: What's two sets of seven?
Dillo: I don't have enough hands for that.

I am home until mid-afternoon with barfy Casper, and then will go in and work until 10.  It's been a weird week.
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2011-04-07 08:41 am

Microscopic Ritz

Dillo told me in the car last night that sweat was microscopic water that gets on your skin.  So I noted what an excellent word microscopic was, and reiterated what it meant, and then we were off on a microscopic kick.  Such that when we got home and had cheese and crackers he asked for "that which cheese with microscopic dots of black in it" (by which he meant Boursin, which the children ADORE.)

At dinner Casper and I had a hilarious conversation about her relationship with Eliza, which has been making her insane and weepy all week. She was bemoaning the fact that Eliza "makes" her sit with her at lunch and I told her she was in charge of who she sits with and she confessed that she actually sites with Eliza because Eliza gives her the Ritz Bits from her lunch!  She confessed this like it was some huge dark secret and I was hard-pressed not to laugh out loud.  In general, though, this Eliza situation is maddening - to hear Casper talk Eliza is a spoiled mean girl, and while Eliza is sort of bossy, she is actually not evil, you know?  They are definitely fremeies this week, though, and I have been encouraging distance.  As I keep telling Casper, Eliza cannot actually make her do anything - she is in charge of her own choices.
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2011-03-15 03:23 pm


I liked Charleston a lot, more than Savannah, which is similar in some ways but much more of a 19th century town, while Charleston is definitely colonial-era.  We stayed in a cottage at the James Island County Park, which is fairly awesome and has rock-climbing walls, a huge dog park with a pond, and a water park (not yet open for the season) and was hosting a remote-controlled sailboat race while we were there.  We went to Fort Sumter and saw dolphins from the boat both coming and going; played in the marsh a lot at the cottage; ate at Hominy Grill and a random place that was also pretty good, and had a conversation with an indignant Casper about whether or not children appreciate fine dining; played in the sand and a little in the surf at Folly Beach; visited the park with cannons; read gravestones in the yard of the circular UCC Church; and walked about lower Charleston long enough that Dillo asked, "are we going to WALK back to Athens Georgia today?"  I'd like to go back for a more adult- and history- friendly visit.  There are TONS more things we didn't see.  But this is travel with small children.

In other news of today, our friends who had just arrived in Japan for a month-long trip (with 4 and 7 year olds) decided that it was not a good time to be a tourist and arrived in Honolulu safely last night, where they will stay with people they have never met (parents of a friend) until they can get a flight back to the US mainland/home.  And a child whose birth and infancy I remember (she's 23) had a baby today, named Charles Oliver.
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2010-12-15 10:49 am

So, that wasn't good.

I had to leave work because I was so stressed out about the girl scout meeting yesterday, and walked home sobbing.  Then I successfully managed to nap while roofers were working on the back porch.  (Since I'd been up since 4:30 am worrying about girl scouts.)

Of course, the meeting was fine.

So, on the list of things that can reduce me to gibbering idiocy?
1.  Dentists
2.  Girl Scouts

Xposting from Facebook, where many of y ou probably already saw it, for the immortality factor:
Dillo: "Mom, I forgot about the toilet and I went in the sink!"
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2010-08-29 08:15 am
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Sunday morning conversations

Casper: Let me take a picture of your penis!
Dillo: No, Dad said we couldn't.
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2010-07-25 12:02 pm
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Dill just stuck his drumsticks in his underpants and came to show me, saying, "My penie has antennas! Yay! Yay!'

His sister is now calling him "the diaper boy of science."
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2010-06-29 08:28 pm
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Dillo's two best words

"ginanic" = gigantic
"fravrite" = favorite

We hear both of these a LOT.
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2010-06-28 05:00 pm

by the way

We were at McDonald's yesterday and Casper got a Happy Meal Katara, from the film they are now calling The Last Airbender. She noted that the Katara looked all wrong, not like Katara is supposed to look, including, "her skin is supposed to be more brownish." It was me who pointed out the sadly missing hair loopies.

Sadly, though, while Casper gets a House Point for Noticing Whitewashing, Dillo gets -10 points for Gender Fail. Because he pitched a fit at getting a Katara too, wanting an Aang, and said she was a "stupid girl," and mr. flea had to go exchange his Katara for a stuffed Momo (their under-3 toy).
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2010-06-01 10:27 am

Rules for Adventures

As we were getting into the car for a day trip to Atlanta yesterday, I suggested that we make some rules for the day's adventure.
me: What would be some good rules to make it a better day for everyone?
Casper: Have fun!
me: Good one!
Dillo: Don't pee in your pants!
me: Excellent one!
Casper: Try new things!
me: How about: Don't fight? Or: Be patient with each other?

They agreed, and we had a mostly good day. And Dillo managed not to pee in his pants until we got home (whereupon he did it twice, of course.)

ION Casper was reading aloud to me at bedtime last night, and I noticed that when she's the one reading, she is extremely fidgety and jiggling and falling off the bed. When I'm the one reading, she can lie quietly. I am wondering if it might help her to have a specific physical activity that she does while reading, if (as I think) the physical release is a comfort/help to her. Maybe a knee jiggle, or a finger exercise, or komboloi (Greek worry beads); ideally something she could use at school, too. My undergraduate professor of Greek sculpture, a legend in the field, always lectured with komboloi.
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2010-05-04 01:13 pm

Pump It Up & Dillo's Development

Last night we went to Pump It Up, which is a local inflatable stuff birthday party emporium. It was our neighbor S's 5th birthday. The kids both had a great time, and Dillo was quite game, compared to the last time we were at Pump It Up (18 months ago), when he hid his face in my shirt for an hour.

This morning Dillo said to me: "Owen [our neighbor/his nemesis] pushed me down and I didn;t even cry or come to you!"

Such a big boy, such a difference a year has made.

In less fun news, we had a talk in the car with him this morning about the absolute disaster bedtime has become. I can take incessant pee OR bedtime battles, but I am not having both.

(Note old baby icon. Possibly I should make some new icons. Darn that baby was a cutie, though.)
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2010-04-28 04:06 pm

two nice things about my children

I started to title this post, "all about pee, as usual," but realized, I don't really want to rehash it all. There's been a lot of pee, people.

So, two nice things:

Casper can read. She's been reading me (or last night, all of us) new books every night, books she didn't think she could read until this week. Dora books (god, stupid Dora books), Arthur's Reading Race, Berenstain Bears, Frog and Toad, as well as Elephant and Piggie (which are a bit easier). She struggles occasionally but not too much. She is very proud of herself, and she is loving being able to read to me. I am loving it too. I wonder if it is even sweeter since I have been waiting so long (it feels like) for this.

Dillo is hilariously obsessed with counting to 100. He starts out and gets through the mid-teens okay, them fumbles around in the late teens and asks, "What do I say next?"
me: "Twenty"
Dillo: "21, 22, 23, 24, 27, ... what do I say next?"
me: "Thirty."
Dillo: "31, 32, 33, 34, ... what do I say next?"
et cetera. When we get to 100, he wants to start over. We have this conversation, verbatim, pretty much daily lately.

He also says, "oopsie-doopsie!"

Not about his peeing, however. I put him in a diaper last night for bed, and he peed through it.