Mar. 18th, 2011 02:01 pm
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I was the first person I knew from college to get married, I think (at age 25) - even though a couple of women I knew in college eventually married their college-era partners.  I was also the first person I knew from college to have a child (at a week shy of 31).  I have several high school and college friends and acquaintances who are having babies now - in the 37-40 age bracket - in many cases, a first child.  So I got curious as to how unusual I was for my demographic - I went to a seven sisters college, graduating in 1994.

My class:
L, G, L, L, M, B, ML, E, A, me
Married: 9 of 10 (two to each other)
Have children: 5 of 10 (one other is actively trying)
Age at birth of first child: 30 (me), 32, 35, 37, 38

Class above me:
G, K, A, JJ, R, L, H
Married: 4 of 7
Have children: 3, one is pregnant with first child (estimated based on kid age)
Age at birth of first child: 31, 35, 36, 39

Class below me:
S, S, E, L
Married: 1 (1 other is in a long-term cohabiting relationship but not married) of 4
Have children: 1
Age at birth of first child: 37

Yeah, I guess I'm unusual.  The funny thing is, I was not particularly interested in being married or having children when I was in college; I had no serious relationships in high school or college, and was pretty indifferent to the idea of children.  I certainly did not automatically expect to have a domestic future.
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As we were getting into the car for a day trip to Atlanta yesterday, I suggested that we make some rules for the day's adventure.
me: What would be some good rules to make it a better day for everyone?
Casper: Have fun!
me: Good one!
Dillo: Don't pee in your pants!
me: Excellent one!
Casper: Try new things!
me: How about: Don't fight? Or: Be patient with each other?

They agreed, and we had a mostly good day. And Dillo managed not to pee in his pants until we got home (whereupon he did it twice, of course.)

ION Casper was reading aloud to me at bedtime last night, and I noticed that when she's the one reading, she is extremely fidgety and jiggling and falling off the bed. When I'm the one reading, she can lie quietly. I am wondering if it might help her to have a specific physical activity that she does while reading, if (as I think) the physical release is a comfort/help to her. Maybe a knee jiggle, or a finger exercise, or komboloi (Greek worry beads); ideally something she could use at school, too. My undergraduate professor of Greek sculpture, a legend in the field, always lectured with komboloi.

baby names

May. 26th, 2009 07:20 pm
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In addition to new Buffista babies Ryan and Kalliope, I can add a college friend's Zara Max Amelia, to be called Max.

And from the college alumnae bulletin:
Alic and Ben (twins, no gender on Alic - a typo for Alice, or like Alec?)
Sophia (brother Sam)
Agatha and Edwin (not twins)
Alexander (dog Venti)
Thomas and Christopher (9 and 5)
Michael, sister Sophia
Freddy, Leila, and Lily
Elijah Louis
Duncan Joseph, sibs Magnus and Fiona
Ethan David
Nicholas and Marshall (twins)
Naomi, Greta and Laila (identical spontaneous triplets), brother Benji ("surprise of my life" - I can believe it!)
Anna Lake, sister Lily
Emily Rose
Riley Virginia
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From my class, and those 2 years above and below - children range up to about 8.
Michael, Grace and Alex
Sophie and Maggie
Grant and Eleanor
Caleb and Maggie
Paul Selden, older brothers Nathaniel and Jack
Sam and Eli
Cecilia and Grace (twins)
Allison and Emma
Julian Ramond
Edward, big brother Henry
Tegan Annia (big brother Ronan)
Alexander and Natalia
Lars and Molly
Maarya and Zainab
Thomas Cambridge
Maxwell John
Sydney (girl)
Sophia Rebecca
Margaret Thatcher (!! - can't tell if it's the mother's maiden name, but still!) big sisters Abbie and Eva


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