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Aug. 15
"Mom, would making a friend from earwax be over-weird?" (Dillo)

Aug. 19
Mom, what would happen to a human eye in outer space? (Dillo)

Aug. 28
Casper had her first soccer practice tonight, on a team of almost all boys, most of whom have played soccer before, and she LOVED it.

Sept. 2
The kids have discovered Mythbusters. Perfect for a thunderstormy weekend.

Sept. 6
Dillo is jumping off stools onto the couch and practicing headstands against the wall. "Gymnastics for Boys" class can't come soon enough.

Sept. 8
I'm really inspired by how much Casper loves soccer. She's not actually very good at it yet, but she completely loves it. A great lesson for me.

Sept. 10
Dillo: "Dad, can you cut paper without actually *cutting* the paper?"
Dad: "No."
I'm not sure if it's a zen koan or he's just really tired.

Sept. 12
DIY non-Newtonian fluids going on in the house! I don't think I'm capable of explaining why oobleck behaves the way it does in 6 year old language, though.

Sept. 13
Me: "Flyyyyyy me to the moon, and let me live among the stars; let me see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars..."
Dillo: There is no life on Jupiter and Mars.

Sept. 15
"I would need the strength of a thousand goats to make this go in." (Dillo, whose experience with goats is actually quite limited.)
On followup: "What make you think goats are strong?" "Goats, cows - they're strong animals. Bears, not as much." Me: "Goats are stronger than bears?" D: "Well, they have more butting power!"

Sept. 17
The kids have been playing Marco Polo, *in the house*, since 7:15. Now they're trying to play it IN BED. Gaaaah shut up and go to sleep!

Sept. 19
"I want a kind of whirlpool that can cause death! The kind of whirlpool that could rip your leg off!" (Somebody has been watching Mythbusters. Luckily he is experimenting in the sink with plastic figurines.)


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