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Jun. 28th, 2010 05:00 pm
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We were at McDonald's yesterday and Casper got a Happy Meal Katara, from the film they are now calling The Last Airbender. She noted that the Katara looked all wrong, not like Katara is supposed to look, including, "her skin is supposed to be more brownish." It was me who pointed out the sadly missing hair loopies.

Sadly, though, while Casper gets a House Point for Noticing Whitewashing, Dillo gets -10 points for Gender Fail. Because he pitched a fit at getting a Katara too, wanting an Aang, and said she was a "stupid girl," and mr. flea had to go exchange his Katara for a stuffed Momo (their under-3 toy).
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I am nursing Dillo in his bed; Casper is brushing her teeth, flossing (she doesn't actually floss, but we have some berry-flavored floss that she lives to chew on; it's a start), and "cleaning" the bathroom (=rearranging the things on the sink top).

Casper comes in to say, in tones of distress, "What if my old friend Logan was my true love? Now I don't see him any more!"

I explained that if Logan was her true love, she would probably run into him later in her life, such as possibly when she was a grownup. We also discussed her possibly calling him on the phone (although what would they say to each other?)

We also talked all the way home from school about being "cool." There is a kid at after school named River who is cool, and he got Heelys (these sneakers with wheels inside, so they're semi-rollerskates) for his birthday this week. Casper asked when she would be old enough for Heelys (she didn't know the name, but described them very well) because she wanted to be cool. I asked if River fell down a lot, and she said yes, and I asked if it was actually cool to fall down? We talked about how cool isn't about the stuff you own, but it comes from knowing who you are and feeling confident. She mentioned a commercial ("Hannah has high tops" is the jingle; she was singing it all night) where a girl walks down the hall at school and everyone is like, (quoting Casper here) "Oh, she is precious!" because of her cool shoes.

Often before bed, especially if we've watched Avatar, we talk about Prince Zuko, and why he keeps switching sides. He mystifies her; I have been trying to explain that Zuko is figuring out who he is inside, and learning to listen to himself and not other people.

Lot of ideas about identity here!


Nov. 17th, 2008 10:45 am
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With cable (well, satellite TV), which was necessary to get any TV reception at all, came Casper's discovery that there are television channels with kids things on that aren't PBS. The only ones we really get are Nickelodeon, but there are about 5 different Nickelodeon sub-channels. Sponger Bob appears to be on almost all the time, and Casper is also fond of the Fairly Oddparents and (new discovery) Danny Phantom. She also wants to watch iCarly sometimes, and dear lord she only just turned 5 and can't possibly be a tween yet, right? Thankfully, while she has a Hannah Montana shirt and recognizes her in ads, she has never watched that show, and she appears completely unaware of High School Musical.

Thankfully, there is Avatar the Last Airbender, with which she is currently obsessed, and which I both enjoy and think is actually good (not necessarily overlapping categories). I bought the first season on DVD for mr. flea's birthday next week (he is at least as obsessed as Casper) and we are most of the way through it. Casper is, perhaps not coincidentally, interested in starting Tae Kwan Do, which is available at her after-school twice a week, and she and Dillo practice their bending moves around the house (Dillo saying "fire nation!" and making raaar face while moving his arms is oh so cute.)

In other TV news, I can still get her to 'choose' PBS kids most of the time (when it's on) by pointing out that Dillo isn't really that interested in the big kid TV shows. He loves Super Why, though, and Casper does too when she actually watches it, and can mostly shout out the right answers now. She also likes Word Girl, and Sid the Science Kid, and especially Wishbone, that little dog who visits history and literary works. Dillo's favorites are the more age-appropriate Clifford, Curious George, and Sesame Street.

And really, I swear we don't watch as much TV as this makes it sound!


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