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Dillo had his (belated) 9 year checkup this week and clocked in at 54 and 5/8 inches (75%ile) and 63 pounds (50%ile). These are his habitual percentiles, so while we worry that he is a very skinny boy, he has always been such. He was also iron-deficient, so mr. flea is now contemplating the nutritional information of everything we buy. He wears an 8 slim and 2.5 youth shoe.

Casper, who turned 12 last week, was weighed and measured at school for gym, and is now 5'4 and 1/2" and 93.8 pounds. Size 9.5 shoe. She fits best in a girls' 16 slim, on the rare occasions this is available, and can wear a women's XS top if it is not cut to assume breasts. We tried a women's 00 pant at the Gap and that was hilariously too large at waist and hip; by my measuring tape she has a 26 inch waist and 30 inch hips.

The both got flu shots, and Casper finished the HPV series.
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No, not Who.

I dragged the kids on bikes to the doctor together - about 2 miles there, then 2 miles back to school. They were okay with it, although Casper complained some, largely because she had a heavy backpack. Bad luck - the math textbook had come home. Dillo got his training wheels off a couple of weekends ago, so he is gung-ho for any biking, and Casper had a brand new (Craigslist) bike after her old bike got stolen off our porch yesterday. We got a bike rack for the car this weekend, so biking excursions are a thing now. (Except for me since I do not own a bike.)

Dillo had a full checkup and is 48" tall and 47.5 pounds, on the tall side and average weight for age. She said he looks skinny but it is perfectly fine. They did an eye chart and it seemed to me like he struggled a little bit, but they said he passed. Something to, uh, keep an eye on.

Both kids got flu mists.
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He clocked in at 38 pounds, 41.5 inches, so reasonably close to the "four years, 40 inches, 40 pounds," of old-wifelihood. The said both were 75%ile. He's grown astonishingly this year so far - he's now comfortably in 4T pants, having essentially skipped 3T.

He got 4 shots and a blood draw (for lead I think) and was remarkably stoic. mr. flea reported he didn't cry at all, and historically, he has been a serious crier at shots. He was tested for vision and hearing and did fine. mr. flea said the nurse was wonderful and Dillo was reported to be "the most cooperative patient we've had all week" and also impressed the doctor by counting to 20.

Big boy!
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Weight 26.9 lbs, height 34.3 inches, head 19.5 inches. Running very average, as usual (though he looks big and big headed to me, in comparison with his compatriots).

He hated the whole thing, pretty much. Could not be placed on the sitting scale, so we had him stand on the bid kid one. Trembled in fear when the doctor (who was new to us, Dr. Betty having left clinical practice to teach) approached. (Very cute young med student named Maurice.) Cried through the listening to lungs. Seems right on track. Got some reassurance & information about the normal process of foreskin retraction (his doesn't yet, but she says it will and it looks fine and like there is plenty of room, no adhesions.) Got a Hep A booster, and now we are done with shots, except for flu, until 4.


Jan. 8th, 2008 11:26 am
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Dillo had his 18 month checkup today, and it was a festival of tears. He started crying the minute the nurse walked us back to the exam room, whimpered while I undressed him, screamed and flailed while he was weighed and measured, cried for a long time back in the room while we waited for Dr. Betty, cried at the stethoscope, cried at the otoscope. During almost all of this he was in my arms (except on the scale). There weren't any shots, but I suspect he remembered that there have been in the past.

He's still running 50%ile, 32 and 1/4 inches, 26 lb 3 oz. Healthy and fine. (Shorter and heavier than Casper was, which you can tell just by looking.)

Then we dropped him at daycare and he cried and cried there, too. Sophie was giving him a zillion hugs and he just clung to me and cried.

So now I'm back at work, not working, sad. mr. flea is also having a down day and that rubbed off on me.
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He's 25 pounds 2.5 oz, 31 inches, both 50-60%ile, so still running smaller than Casper. She asked if he'd gotten picky in his eating or reduced his food intake and I just grabbed a handful of thigh and said, "Nope!" Looking fine. Had 4 shots and didn't like it; in general was a grump whenever bothered by Dr. Betty (to listen to lungs, to look in mouth). He fell asleep in the car on the way to day care.

The nights have been really bad for about a week now (sorry sparky!) and I think we need to work on getting sleep back to something more reasonable. He was up every 2 hours last night, and cranky as hell. I think it's partly the lower canines, both of which have broken the skin by now, but partly a greater sense of him articulating his desires and being more self-acting, less malleable. A normal developmental stage, to be sure. But what he wants in the night is to nurse for comfort and snuggle with Mama, and what I want in the night is at most 2 wakeups, so we have a little conflict here. I don't want to nightwean until 18 months, but I do want to reduce the night nursing from the level we were at last night.
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It's nearly 13 months, so whatever. He's 30 inches, 23 lbs 10 oz, both 50%. I am quite bemused that gigantor mr. flea and not exactly petite me produced such an average-sized child.

Interesting to compare the girl and boy charts, though - at 1 year Casper was 23 lbs 9.5 ounces (75%ile), and 30 and 1/4 inches (90%). So, almost identical to Dillo in actual size, but different places on the percentiles (and also her appointment was 3 days after her birthday, not 3 weeks+).

Had 2 shots - Hep A and MMRVaricella, plus blood draw for a lead test. He did not like the shots or the blood draw at all.

Otherwise, perfect health, normal development. Dr. Betty neglected to say he was the best and cutest baby she'd ever seen, but I am sure she thought so.

Sleep has settled down in the new locale - he's been pretty clockwork up at 12 and 4 to nurse, and going back down in his own bed after the 4, not up until 6:30 or so. This is a schedule I can live with. Now to ponder the furniture situation.
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He's 21 pounds 3 oz (75%), 29 inches (75%) and developmentally normal and fine.

(For comparison, Casper was Weight: 22 pounds 12 ounces. (75%ile) Height: 28 3/4 inches. (95%ile) - the %iles are different because he is a boy and she is a girl. mr. flea the future giant was, at 9 months, 24 lbs even, 31 3/8 inches.)

But Dr. Betty looked in his ears and he has an ear infection. This is his first, so we've been lucky, given the day care and the fact that he's had a runny nose pretty much continuously since January. Amoxicillin it is.

(And yes we feel bad that our kid had an ear infection and we didn't realize it, even though he was not running a fever and did not seem fussy.)


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