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Dillo had his (belated) 9 year checkup this week and clocked in at 54 and 5/8 inches (75%ile) and 63 pounds (50%ile). These are his habitual percentiles, so while we worry that he is a very skinny boy, he has always been such. He was also iron-deficient, so mr. flea is now contemplating the nutritional information of everything we buy. He wears an 8 slim and 2.5 youth shoe.

Casper, who turned 12 last week, was weighed and measured at school for gym, and is now 5'4 and 1/2" and 93.8 pounds. Size 9.5 shoe. She fits best in a girls' 16 slim, on the rare occasions this is available, and can wear a women's XS top if it is not cut to assume breasts. We tried a women's 00 pant at the Gap and that was hilariously too large at waist and hip; by my measuring tape she has a 26 inch waist and 30 inch hips.

The both got flu shots, and Casper finished the HPV series.
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She is 39.25 pounds (75%), 42.5 inches (90-95%), and they do height/weight (= BMI) at her age now (slightly below 50%). She passed all the "four year old tests," which included hopping on one foot, balancing on one foot, imitating the doctor's drawings of a circle and a cross, drawing a person (her picture had 7 parts - they pass if they have 3!), accurately knowing colors, being able to say what noises a dog and cat make, telling the doctor who lives in her house. Had hearing and vision tests and passed, and went happily off with the nurse without either parent to do them! Got 4 shots and was completely stoic, which is so funny as the past couple of days she keeps having minor bonks and scrapes and weeping tragically over each of them.

Today is the first day of after-school care. mr. flea was planning to go to the school and help navigate the pick-up/hand-off to the caregiver, Beth. Apparently the pickup is kind of a zoo so far; I hope it settles out as people get used to the routine. I get to pick up Dillo, go home with him, then walk to get Casper.

Hope Dillo had a good day. He practiced walking hard on Monday and was so happy when we'd clap and squeal with excitement. I don't like to think of him stressed out in his new class.


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