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No, not Who.

I dragged the kids on bikes to the doctor together - about 2 miles there, then 2 miles back to school. They were okay with it, although Casper complained some, largely because she had a heavy backpack. Bad luck - the math textbook had come home. Dillo got his training wheels off a couple of weekends ago, so he is gung-ho for any biking, and Casper had a brand new (Craigslist) bike after her old bike got stolen off our porch yesterday. We got a bike rack for the car this weekend, so biking excursions are a thing now. (Except for me since I do not own a bike.)

Dillo had a full checkup and is 48" tall and 47.5 pounds, on the tall side and average weight for age. She said he looks skinny but it is perfectly fine. They did an eye chart and it seemed to me like he struggled a little bit, but they said he passed. Something to, uh, keep an eye on.

Both kids got flu mists.
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In the doctor's office just now, seen WRITTEN on the sign-in sheet: Harley Davidson.  A girl of 2, whose mother was no older than 20 or I miss my guess. 

I wish I'd gotten the names of the 6 year old identical twin girls with matching Uggs (name-brand, not knock-offs) and matching iPads,  Our ped's office does pull a variety of social types!

The kids got flu shots, and the doctor was like, "Have we seen them?" to the receptionist.  Well, he has, but barely - we've been "seeing" him since fall of 2009, but aside from flu shots in fall 2009 and Dillo's 4 year checkup in September, we haven't actually been in at all.  I am so blessed with the overall health of my kids.
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I took the kids in to the doctor on Halloween, to get established with the practice and get flu shots, and Casper needed her 5 year well child check. They both are fine and healthy and were cooperative.

Casper: 49 pounds, 45.5 inches
Dillo: 28 pounds, 36 inches. He looks tall and skinny all of a sudden, which is what happens when you're two.

I couldn't get Dillo a flu shot as they didn't have the kind that's for under-4s; this is the disadvantyage of a family practice doctor in an era when most children are taken to pediatricians. The public health clinic has drop-in flu shots though, and we could probably even take him to Kroger. I need one too.


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