Mar. 15th, 2011 03:23 pm
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I liked Charleston a lot, more than Savannah, which is similar in some ways but much more of a 19th century town, while Charleston is definitely colonial-era.  We stayed in a cottage at the James Island County Park, which is fairly awesome and has rock-climbing walls, a huge dog park with a pond, and a water park (not yet open for the season) and was hosting a remote-controlled sailboat race while we were there.  We went to Fort Sumter and saw dolphins from the boat both coming and going; played in the marsh a lot at the cottage; ate at Hominy Grill and a random place that was also pretty good, and had a conversation with an indignant Casper about whether or not children appreciate fine dining; played in the sand and a little in the surf at Folly Beach; visited the park with cannons; read gravestones in the yard of the circular UCC Church; and walked about lower Charleston long enough that Dillo asked, "are we going to WALK back to Athens Georgia today?"  I'd like to go back for a more adult- and history- friendly visit.  There are TONS more things we didn't see.  But this is travel with small children.

In other news of today, our friends who had just arrived in Japan for a month-long trip (with 4 and 7 year olds) decided that it was not a good time to be a tourist and arrived in Honolulu safely last night, where they will stay with people they have never met (parents of a friend) until they can get a flight back to the US mainland/home.  And a child whose birth and infancy I remember (she's 23) had a baby today, named Charles Oliver.
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Darren Thomas, big sister is Alya, to Kathryn and Jeff.
Asha Aurora, to Ravi (old friend from mr. flea's first round of grad school) and Liz, at whose  wedding we were the witnesses!  They live in Taiwan right now.
Lucia, to Tony (old old friend from mr. flea's undergrad) and Christina.
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From the class I am embedded in. Most students are college juniors or seniors (probably aged 20-22); one is older than me (guess which!) Most are from GA, a couple from AL and SC and two from Washington DC. All white.
Anna Regina
Megan Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth
Heather Ann
Megan Marie
Guyton (M)
Kayla Anne
Lauryn Frances
Sarah Grace
Caroline Lea
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In the doctor's office just now, seen WRITTEN on the sign-in sheet: Harley Davidson.  A girl of 2, whose mother was no older than 20 or I miss my guess. 

I wish I'd gotten the names of the 6 year old identical twin girls with matching Uggs (name-brand, not knock-offs) and matching iPads,  Our ped's office does pull a variety of social types!

The kids got flu shots, and the doctor was like, "Have we seen them?" to the receptionist.  Well, he has, but barely - we've been "seeing" him since fall of 2009, but aside from flu shots in fall 2009 and Dillo's 4 year checkup in September, we haven't actually been in at all.  I am so blessed with the overall health of my kids.
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Dolliver Taylor Lastname.  To be called "Dolly" apparently.  Dolliver is not the mother's maiden name, although it does seem to be a family name.

Dolliver? Whoa.

Baby Names

Oct. 10th, 2010 01:20 pm
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Casper's first grade teacher had her second child this past week, a daughter named Ivy Willow. Big brother is Dylan. The parents met at a Phish concert, I believe, which pretty much confirms everything about their baby naming patterns.

More interestingly, the 7 year old daughter of the woman I am leading a Brownie Troop with is named Ietta, pronounced EE-etta. I asked about the name when we met yesterday. (For those wondering, the way I do this politely is, "That's such an interesting name! Is it a family name?") Turns out she saw a documentary on Hans Christian Anderson, whose childhood best friend was named Henrietta and called "Ietta" as a nickname. And she liked this enough that she held onto the idea until she had a daughter! (She also has a son in 5th grade, but I do not know his name.)
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Eleanor, big sister Charlotte, to Yvonne and Jeff.

When I was about 12 my planned girl baby names were Sophie and Eleanor. Both nixed in adulthood because of popularity, but I still love them both.

Davis, big brother Carson, to Jenny and (no jokin') Waldo. (I've never met Waldo; Jenny is our mortgage banker.)

Charlotte, to Charlotte and John. I gather it's that southern thing of naming the baby after the mother; I have no idea what they'll call her. The mother is that poor woman named Charlotte Webb.
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And you know what that means - a new crop of names!

Dillo is in a PreK class with 13 boys and 7 girls. His teacher, Ms. R., has been with the school a long time, is well-regarded, and reminds us both of Casper's old nanny Tonya. His classmates (all born before 9/1/2003): Clayton, Devin, Jimmy, Antoni, Deyanira, Dhaijah, Justus, Tekit, Brendan, Eli, Jaylen, Amos (who was the only one we met - total cutiehead!), James, Trinity, Yvana, Lizabeth, Jeimy, Kayden, Michael. The paraprofessional is Ms. W.

Casper for second grade has Mr. H, who has been at Chase since 2004 and has a good reputation as on the silly/goofy side (a major plus for Casper!), hand-on and pro-science. I've also been told he is much more comfortable with children than parents, and this was pretty obvious from our interactions. No parapro at this level. Casper's classmates from last year who are with her again are Danilo, Eliza, Angelo, Roan, and Dynasty. New this year are Owen, Anyssa, Dhuntez, Ja'Quan, Braiden, Taneia, Kourtney (too old to be blamed on the Kardashians!), Skylar, Anatasia, Gavin, Tyreon, Aydan (Siena's twin), Cassius, Da'Naya.

We registered for After School, and learned that the new after school director is about to leave, back to her old job within the school system. So they will AGAIN be basically leaderless, which is a problem. Two kids is only $10 total per day, which is a nice little bonus. There was no solid information about whether Tae Kwan Do will happen, but the rumor is yes, Tu/Th like last year. Two of Casper's friends are doing swimming at the YMCA Tu/Th, and we are thinking about that for Casper to. (Y after programs start at age 6, so not an option for Dillo.) There was no info about Girl Scouts, so I need to email a parent I know and ask what is up. If they are dying for troop leaders for Brownies, I could use my flex time from working Wednesday nights and take Friday afternoons off to do Girl Scouts. We'll see.

baby names

Jun. 14th, 2010 04:59 pm
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Three babies born in the last month, all first children of people I knew in college, all boys:

Andrew Neil

baby names

May. 21st, 2010 09:45 pm
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Sibling sets at a party tonight, which also included Michael Stipe (woot I am now a True Athenian):
Lucy, Camille, Julian
Molly, Caroline, Avery
Coles, Thomas, Andrew
Pierce (F), Scarlett
and many many more I either have known a long time or didn't get a name.

Births reported in the local paper (Dec-Feb):
Kennedi Zariyah (F)
Braeden Maurice
Jaylen Joshia (F)
Casey Clark (Jr.)
Tristan Alexander
Jayden Michael
Abigail Jane
Anita Serena
Aiden Amir
Nicholas Cru
King David
James Preston
Brayden Shane Wilson
Lorenzo Jermaine Bush
Lila Grace
Cayden Micah
Naszire Sincere (M)
Graycee Anne-Marie
William Bray
Seamus Alexander
Alona Peyton (F)
Kaitlyn Abigail
Stephen Landon
Emily Marie
Ruby Lucille
Madison Duriyah Mckenzie
Landon Lane
Carson Lee (M)
Delaney Rachel
Jeremiah Micah
Jaden Luke
Justin Raymond
Wyatt Jackson
Clarence Jamal
Messiah Raqel Ka'lee and Mason Perry Lee (G/B twins)
Jacobi Abdiel and Jason Jair (B/B twins)
Kaleb Samuel
Azalee Charlotte
Caelyn Alexis
Drake William
Mary Peyton
Mylena Angel (F)
Sadie Marie
Malik Elijah
Meredith Layne
Molly Elise
Isabella Leigh
Savannah Marie
Amos Benjamin Levon
Gwendolyn Alizze
Michelle Renee
Hayden Rebekah
Darious Dupree
Silver Zshqira Nichole
Blake Walker
Payton Elyse
Scarlett Merrill
Nathan Andrews
Hayden Meredith
Kavin Hascal
Jana Ann
Jillian Kate
Bryce Richard
Julianna Adell
Thomas Antonio
Quinn Grace
Zion Renee
Rylee Kaye
Sophia Renee
Alley Nichole
Ethan David
Everett Luke
Morgan Anne
Xiah Michelle-Shannon
Emily Elizabeth

77 babies, and 10 of them are -ayden or -aylen names (various spelled, natch.) And that's not counting Payton or Kaitlyn.

In my ongoing documentation of a special Athenian naming pattern, -ious and especially -avious, I note two fathers of the above named Kenderrious and Dextavious.
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There's a woman at my workplace named Merdelle. I am sure this is pronounced to sound much like Myrtle. But it's unfortunate if you know French.

baby names

Mar. 31st, 2010 01:21 pm
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Molly Violet, big brother Leo, born to Kristin and Jeff.
Rory Mercer Elliot (boy), big brother Marty, born to Alyssa and Brian.
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Children from Casper's school who have art in display at the University this month (ages K-5th grade):
Cristina & Kenya (probably siblings)
Shaqrius & Shycrius (probably siblings - how do they pronounce the names so they sound different, I wonder - "shack" and "shy"?)
Tiger Lili
A warning to anyone making assumptions about ethnicity based on naming style - I don't know any of these kids personally (I think they are mostly in the older grades), but I did have the last names, and basically, the names are all over the map, as far as Anglo name plus Latino last name, African-American style name plus Latino last name, Latino name plus Anglo/Afam last name. Make no assumptions about what a given kid would look like!
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From a recent potluck:
Ivy Louise
Sophia and Ezra
Daisy and Victor
Luna and Ansel
Penny and Lucy

Born lately to a similar tribe: Juniper, big sister Vivian.

There's a barista at the coffee shop in my building named Altair, with a diaeresis over the a. I think the diaeresis should technically be over the i, but it's his name. It's Arabic, meaning eagle; also a star.

baby names

Dec. 19th, 2009 07:02 am
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At the neighborhood Christmas party last night, sibling set, Bird (f) and Lake (m). Their parents are named Susan and Peter, so I don't even know.

baby names

Dec. 6th, 2009 04:28 pm
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My coworker had her baby today - Catherine Eloise, to be called Eloise. Big brother is John Emerson (Jack).

I met siblings recently named Rowan (f) and Braden (f). I have now met 3 Rowans, all female; Casper has a Roan (male) in her class but it's pronounced a little differently. I gather Rowan used to be a male name, but apparently no longer. (I've never met any Bradens before.)

Another interesting sibset: Katie Sue and Grier (m). One hears of celebrity Greers, always female, but I've never known of a Grier.
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Many married women I know have themselves listed on Facebook as Firstname Maidenname Lastname. In many cases that I know of, they use just Firstname Lastname in real life - including both socially and professionally - but use both last names on Facebook presumably to make it easier to connect with old friends from high school, etc.

Where do you stand? Do you think this Facebook naming practice will influence the way women change (or don't) their names upon marriage in the real world, too?

(Note, I didn't change my name on marrying, and never considered it. The kids have mr. flea's last name, and I didn't argue for mine or give them mine as a middle. Just the way it turned out for us. Myname MrFlea'sLastName would be pretty hilarious, based on sound, even if I had considered changing.)
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Charlotte Grace [Gellar] Prinze. Very mainstream 30something. Safe and traditional, kind of like Gellar herself.

Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. Didn't anyone tell them Stellaluna is a kid's book about bats? Granted it's a very nice book, but I think you get Stella or Luna, not both.

Sparrow James Midnight [Richie] Madden. Similarly, I think you get Sparrow or Midnight, not both. But giving him James as a fallback was nice.

Not celebrities:
Daphne, big sister Maia.
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My best friend had her daughter today, Virginia, to be called Ginny. Big brother is H. A good day - it was Casper's original due date.

She took her cue from me & Dillo and went from water broken to baby in 2 hours!


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