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Since I just entered all of these into a spreadsheet, here are the rising 3rd graders who will be Dillo's cohort at the gifted magnet public school:

Adam, Addison, Sophia, Reid, Analucia (Lucy), Nicolas, Marie, Sebastian, Jaydrian, Rishika, Brooklynn, Simone, Love, Benjamin, Graham, Withwala, Ea (F), Courtney, Nicholas, John, Peter, Charles, Benjamin, Barrett, Leandros, Samanyu (Sammy, M), Selima, Tonee, Tyler, Theo, Nelson, John, Jameh, Owen, Gavin, Sheridan, Ravanth, Iraj (M), Nia, Aahan, Ian, Elizabeth, Niranjan, Hanniel, Megan, Kirsten, Stefan, Walker (M), Peter, Dennis, Fatima. I only know about 10 of these kids; where gender is not obvious and I know, I have noted. (Soooo many boys.)

Dillo seems to have grown up a lot lately. He turned 8 last month. He managed 2 weeks with my mother without parents pretty well. He's about 4'4", not sure of weight - quite skinny to look at. He sits in a booster in our car, but we don't worry about it for other people's cars. His last of 8 adult incisors is coming in, finally; he hasn't lost any other baby teeth yet. He's fair and a little freckly, definitely brown-haired and not at all blonde. Still has lovely big blue eyes. He's been doing karate over the summer and will start group piano lessons this fall; not sure about continuing soccer. Probably will continue karate. He loves science and reading nonfiction and the Warriors series and stuffed animals and picked a Lego Eiffel Tower kit for his birthday present. He's still a cuddly kid, and still on the shy/intellectual side.
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Well, it finally got cold - they said it was 32 degrees the other morning, but the impatiens are still blooming, so I know we haven't really had a frost. And so, of course, Dillo has come down with the first cold of the season. When Dillo gets a cold, his nose runs, but his eyes also run, an incredible amount. I had to use a warm wet washcloth on his eyes and nose to get him looking human this morning. He spent Wednesday night in bed with me, and last night mostly in bed with me too, including lots of coughing and crying and wiping his nose all over creation. He's not really that sick - no fever, sunny disposition when vertical - it's just the phlegm problem when he's lying down. I'm tired.

He's talking a little more: backpack, bus, LOTS of hello!, dog

He took the time change rather badly, and has been up at 5:30 or 6 most of the week. One morning he was up, mr. flea got him and I nursed him in our bed and it was clear he wasn't going back down. Grandma D. was up and offered to take him, but he's been pretty wary with her. mr. flea and I tussled over which of us would get another half hour of sleep and which would go out with Grandma and Dillo. I said, "If you don't go out there, I swear in 10 minutes I'll have to go out and help Grandma." I heard the pad pad pad of footie-pajama clad feet. Dillo's head appeared at the foot of the bed and he said, "Hewwo!" We both laughed - and got up.

He also says "Hello!" when we read a lift the flap book. To every single flap.

He can move the stool in the bathroom into position in front of the sink and climb on it.

He's really into feeding himself with a spoon, a skill picked up at day care. He can drink from a cup okay (they also do this at day care) but the danger there is he's as likely to dump out the cup as anything. We have a few Nuby cups, a kind of sippy with a bite valve which worked really well, but he has chewed on them and broken the valves, and also learned that if he holds the cup upside down and presses the valve against a hard surface (the table, the floor) he can get milk or juice everywhere. So we're working with regular sippies again, the impossible to keep clean ones.
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Dillo has it good at school. The whole building is full of women who love him. On Tuesday, Miss Katrina went to his room and got him and took him to visit Casper during her rest time, and they lay together on her nap mat for a while. Wednesday Miss Jenny went to visit during her lunch break and fed him cereal. I guess it's like that every day! Lucky boy.

There are 3 new babies in his class now, all around 3 months: Myles, Miriam, and Savannah. So now he's not among the littlest any more. He started sitting well over the weekend and was sitting up when I came to get him today.

Still sick & snotty and not sleeping well. Eating very well: sweet potatoes, pears, applesauce, oatmeal. On the other hand, when I put a cheerio in his mouth he acts like I've just deposited a dirty tube sock on his tongue.

New pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casperflea/

Here be movies... Spongebob performance and Dillo sitting up and talking.

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rolly boy

Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:24 pm
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The Dillo has rolled over, front-to-back, at least twice this week. (First time for me, yay.) He also rolls up on to his side if placed on his back. Really into sitting up, if you're holding him - has perfected the upright, gripping clothes like a fierce baby monkey posture. If put in his chair, he either wiggles so much he slides down, or tries to sit up.

At school today, Casper hit Delancey with a shovel, and was appropriately punished. When asked why, said, "I dunno." While they were sitting in the car outisde the grocery waiting for me, in front of the bike shop, she said, "Dad, do you have any money?" Then asked for a bike. They start so young...


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