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I think this is my first post out of friendslock, but we're planning a big move to Ohio in 6 weeks. mr. flea was offered an excellent job rather suddenly, and we'll be moving to Cincinnati. This has many excellent aspects - we will be closer to family, especially the children's cousins (only an hour away!) and grandparents; mr. flea gets a nice raise, a steady job with excellent benefits and a fair amount of tenure doing work he really likes with excellent people; we have many friends still in Cincinnati from when we lived there in the late 1990s. On the down side, there is a lot of work. On the serious down side, we will be leaving the wonderful neighbors and elementary school community we have had in Athens.

I wrote to the kids' teachers today to tell them about the move. And now I'm crying at my desk because Casper's art teacher wrote such a sweet note. "[Casper] has a real gift in art and I truly hope that she continues to pursue it. She is really special." "I would love to see some pictures of Casper’s art as she grows up."

(Like we could possibly stop Casper from continuing to make art. But we're taking her away from lovely Miss D.!)
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We got home from dinner at Elmo's last night to a power outage. Twice the lights flickered back on only to immediately die again, but we finally got juice at about 8:30. But then: NO INTERNETS! We had to call Verizon DSL to get them to reset something, and that couldn't happen until 9:30 this morning. Now we're back, phew.

We had an Elmo's milestone last night: Casper colored in the whole Elmo all by herself (with great interest and assiduousness), wrote her name and age on the lines, and went up with mr. flea to ask that it be put on the wall. Big girl! She is suddenly really into coloring books (she got a couple for Christmas last year that have languished until now.) Really excellent fine motor control.

Dillo, on the other hand, is really into taking the contents of trash cans and scattering them all over the floor. With great interest and assiduousness. This is rather less charming.
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When lolcats meet Geoffrey Chaucer: courtesy of http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/004541.html

LOL Cattes: "Many of thes cattes (and squirreles) do desiren to haue a “cheezburger,” or sum tyme thei are in yower sum thinge doinge sum thinge to yt."

We went to the beach from 9:30 to 1 (next time I'd go even earlier) and spent the afternoon sun-fried and somnolent. Piccies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casperflea/516630592/

Also, my new favorite Casper art: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casperflea/516636824/


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