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We (me and the kids) went to the new roller rink in town last weekend.  We knew certain friends would be there - but also ran into several other families from school there, who had come coincidentally.  And to judge by facebook, another cohort is planning to meet up there tomorrow morning. It's a decent rink - concrete and not wood, and newly refreshed, with new skates to rent - the older rink is pretty darn grungy.  It's definitely family-friendly.  Dillo is too little to do much by himself - he hauled himself around the rink while yanking my arm out of the socket a few times and then spent most of his time watching the demos on video games, rather wistfully.  Casper skates badly, but was very proud of herself for not falling down.  None of the kids in their set are very good, really.  I find it all kinda funny.  I rollerskated a decent amount as a kid, both in Maine and Lexington MA.  It was definitely something Girl Scouts did, and birthday parties, and listening to Billy Joel... I guess I find it so funny that it's suddenly popular here because it is such a timestamped activity for me.  Rollerskating is 1982, and leg warmers, and yellow overalls and stuff.  And now it's back.

Unfortunately I don't actually like it that much, and this place is kinda pricey.  But it is healthy exercise and indoors, so when it's cold or hot it's an option.

I went to school with the kids today.  We all scootered in, which Dillo still LOVES doing.  I dropped Dillo off and then spent 2 hours in Casper's class, including going to the gifted class with her.  Then back to Dillo's class, and I left when they went to lunch (which they do at 10:45 AM OMG.)  Since I worked last night I hadn't had much contact with Dillo, so we spent circle time sitting together and snuggling.  He likes physical contact a lot.

It's good for me to go to school.  It lets me see the kids in their peer group, and see that while Casper has messy writing and can't spell, and is ridiculously distractable, she's actually quite normal for second grade.  Dillo was doing really well at answering questions in his class today.  I'm not stunned with Casper's teacher, who wasn't doing enough, IMO, to guide the kids and keep them on-task.  The gifted teacher is much stronger, and the kids there were impressively self-directed and involved in their projects (they are prepping for the science fair - entrance is optional, and Casper doesn't want to, but we are going to attend and see what it is like, since they are going to be entering next year.  Casper is working on an invention, a robot hair-cutter.  Because you wouldn't have to pay to get your hair cut and you could get it cut the exact same way every time.)


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