Aug. 14th, 2012


Aug. 14th, 2012 08:15 pm
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We spent the week in Annapolis MD (briefly, for my grandfather's 90th) and Cape Cod.

The Good:
Swimming lessons at the beach, small group, with teachers who are challenging, but good at motivating (quoth Casper!). Both kids learned a lot.

Whale watch off Provincetown, with very frisky humpbacks, at sunset.

Visit to New Bedford historic district and the very nice whaling museum.

Flying our kite at sunset at Nobska Beach.

The familiar places: drawbridge and ferry, Candy Ice Cream (a store), Pie in the Sky, swimming out to the jumping rock with the kids for the first time, seeing LuSeal and Bumper at the aquarium, measuring the kids on the wall where my first height marker is at age 2.

The Bad:
Waking up at 2:30am the day we left, and being up continuously until the end of the birthday party that night.

It was ridiculously humid, even for the Cape, and fairly warm to boot. Swimsuits hung in the sun at noon were not dry by dusk.

There was some very dubious pork sausage involved in one night's dinner.

Dillo's fairly new "beanie boo" tiger got left on our final airplane flight when he fell asleep. Luckily this $6 guy was easily replaced on Monday morning, and Dillo took the situation well.

The Ugly:
The usual problems that might be expected when one vacations with one's mother, in a house one's mother owns.

Pondering the possibility of doing same for three weeks in a row next summer, so the children could attend the Children's School of Science.


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