May. 19th, 2012

Looong day

May. 19th, 2012 07:05 pm
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We left the house at 10 am and got home at 6pm, but in between we went to Kroger for hairspray, bobby pins, and a hairnet (and cheetos, scotch tape, and San Pellegrino Limonata, as one does); spent an hour and a half at the school carnival where it was hot and sunny and remarkably corporate although pleasant; ran to the Zoo, where the kids had (separate) classes and mr. flea and I sneakily ate ice cream cones, watched a nearsighted sloth, and canoodled on a bench; ran back to our neighborhood to the gym of a local Catholic school for a 2-hour+ rehearsal for Casper's dance recital, which ended in floods of tears, as much due to low blood sugar as the sense of failure for getting the leaps wrong in Dance, Dance, Dance.

I successfully put Casper's hair (which is still pretty short - was boy-short in October) all the way up into a semblance of a bun, with the tools mentioned above, plus gel. She looked quite different - both her teacher and our neighbor did not recognize her at first. She is incredibly beautiful; fine-boned, and all neck. Her dancing is great to watch. She has excellent arms, but a lot of trouble with toe-pointing.

I introduced her to the concept "Bad dress, good show," and hope she will be recovered by tomorrow.

Dillo really liked his one-hour Zoo class, and allowed as how it might actually be fun to go to a Zoo class every morning for a week. So I may have conquered his unreasonable fear of camps.


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