Jan. 22nd, 2012

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I have a stack of kid school papers on the table. All of them have come home in the last week except for one, which came home the week before.

All need decisions or feedback or something.

*Girl Scout field trip Feb. 25. (Probable yes, must consult Girl Scout.)
*Scholastic book club order form for Feb. 3 (for K). (Probable recycle.)
*Annual flower sale order form due Feb. 14. (Whoops, no garden, I guess I can recycle that one).
*Primary Choir (K) - rehearses Mondays 8:20-9:05 starting Monday, performs May 8, cost $5. (Probable no.)
*Note from K class parent re: Teacher Appreciation Day Jan. 27, I should send in a school supply from the list by Wednesday. (Whoops, did not purchase today, may skip.)
*Spanish Language school (both kids), meets Tuesdays 8:10-9:05, $120 for 10 weeks, due (whoops) Jan. 16, starts Jan. 31. (I'd actually like the kids to do this, but neither of them wants to.) (This is the form that came last week.)
*Spring soccer (both kids), times & location TBD (could be a problem), $40 per kid + $16 uniform, due Jan. 26. (I thought Dillo was dying to play soccer, but he is not enthusiastic about it, which could be just as well since I think they practice in a place we can't get to except by car, and probably in the 3:30-6 window. Also given the league rules and cutoff date he'd probably be the youngest child on a team of 6-7 year olds (the cutoff is must be 6 by July 31, which he makes by 3 weeks) and he's never played soccer before.)
*Lengthy note from 3rd grade class parents about all events for the rest of the year. (I can't even skim without getting breathless with anxiety.)
*Flier for School Night at local bookstore, Jan. 26, show up in PJs and story time with local author. (Probably skip; we don't get home until 6pm).
*Forms requesting feedback for the principal on how we like our school, what we'd like to see changed, etc. (Maybe skip.)

Last week I recycled forms about spring baseball and softball, roller skating club, and art club (after Casper told me she didn't want to do it - she does not like the art teacher, which is sort of a tragedy.)

I also have notes about conferences for both kids (Feb. 2), a note on the 100th day of school celebration for Dillo (Jan. 25), plus of course homework packets for both kids.

Between this and double fits about homework (one from each child; Dillo finds it boring and too easy and also just likes to be contrary; Casper finds it boring and too hard and also just likes to be melodramatic), I actually thought that homeschooling might not be so bad just now.

Not-school papers that need decisions:
*Cincinnati ballet discount ticket mailing ($20 tickets) for 1pm Feb. 18 child-friendly performance.
*Art Academy Saturday am art class flier for both kids, Feb. 4-March 10, $135 per kid.


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