Feb. 8th, 2010

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Last night in bed Casper asked me, "Eliza says that when a man and a woman make a baby the man puts his penis in her crotch. Is that true?" I said yes, and said the penis actually went in the vagina. She asked if that was how mr. flea and I made her. I said yes. It transpired that she thought the penis had to remain in the vagina for the entire pregnancy, which would be somewhat inconvenient, and I disabused her of this notion by explaining the sperm the the egg (although I described the egg as a special kind of cell, I think she is still placing it in the general category of eggs-from-which-birds-and-dinosaurs-hatch, stupid English language.) We also cleared up that the vagina is not the same as the anus, and I am surprised that she should mix this up, since we've talked about genitals pretty consistently since she was 1 year old.

She was much more interested in the baby being born, which we discussed at length (she asked if it hurt, and I used my marathon analogy), and segued into a discussion of how cute she was when she was born. We also talked about what colors babies are when they are born, so I introduced the concepts of vernix and amniotic fluid. We'll see what she retains!

ION mr. flea is making arrangements for ANOTHER new pediatric dentist (who actually takes our insurance). Their web site makes me shudder, with the twee, but I suppose most patients want that in a pediatric dentist. My brain is actually in panic hand-flapping mode even though HE'S doing everything. ARGH. I hate that this is so hard for me. There's the practical hard PLUS the me personal insane-o hard.
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I explained IVF to Casper last night too, because she asked if the whole penis-and-vagina thing was the only way to make a baby, and I said no, you could do it through SCIENCE!

This evening we registered the Dillo for public school PreK at the school Casper currently attends. Turns out, it's still a little shocking to register your 3 year old for school, even if it's your second kid (and he'll be 4 when school starts, which beats Casper, was was 3 for her first 4 days of PreK.) We won't officially get a space until late April/early May, but I think we should be okay. (If not, we're screwed, but we'll deal if that happens I guess.)


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