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We've been trying to get copies of the results of Casper's gifted testing done in Georgia since before spring break. I'll spare the ugly runaround details, but we got them today, and I think her existing scores will be good enough to get her into the [public school] Gifted Academy that's moving to the elementary school a 10-minute walk from our house.

Can I brag? I'll cut-tag it if you are squeamish.

Using a CogAT (nationally standardized test of cognitive ability), she got 98% in Verbal, 96% in Quantitative, 79% in Nonverbal (which seems, from a quick Google, to be largely about spatial understanding), for a combined total of 97%.

In unplanned coincidences news, Dillo was given a CogAT test at school in February, without their telling us, and his scores came home last week. He got a 98% on Verbal, 92% on Quantitative, 71% on Nonverbal, for a combined total of 92%. The accompanying letter tells us that does not qualify for gifted, but he tested high enough that he will be screened again in the fall. (I think the Ohio standard is 95%ile across the board.)

So, both kids are really smart, though they sure do have different ways of showing it. Dillo is a reading machine, and can do addition and subtraction already (in K; they teach them); Casper comes off as sharp as a tack to meet her, although her grades are only A-B. Dillo I think will have an easier academic row to hoe, if only because he is a good reader and I suspect a more straightforward, linear thinker than Casper. Which is I think an argument for getting Casper into the Gifted Academy if we can.

We were talking about it last weekend with Dillo but not Casper in the room, and he got really upset about the possibility of Casper not going to the same school as him, and then when we mentioned he might be able to go to the new school too (neighborhood school will start a K and maybe a 1st grade in the same building), he didn't like that idea either. So I'm torn about the change, but boy would it be nice to see Casper truly engaged with school in an area besides Science (where she always gets 100%). And maybe have a school with a vibe more like us.
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