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8/6/11: My mother is meeting someone today who is interested in renting the Cape house next summer. She told me the name, and I said, "I think I attended her birthday party in 1982." And I looked at my album, and I think I was right!

I was, in fact, right, and she remembered me (I have a memorable and unique name) and there's a picture in my album of about 6 8-9 year old girls shivering on a cold afternoon at Stoney Beach, marked August 13, 1982. I think my grandparents (with whom I spent the summer that year) must have known her grandparents; I think they lived on Buzzards Bay Avenue, down from the Schleichers. Presumably no longer living.

Unfortunately, I get to have feelings of inadequacy and underachievement, because this woman is a full professor of Economics at MIT, having graduated summa from Harvard, done an M. Phil at Oxford, and a PhD at MIT. She got her PhD in 2001, got a TT job at MIT in 2005, got tenure in 2007, and made full professor in 2008, all of which means she is hot shit. She works in the economics of health care and health insurance. She's probably met BOTH Barack Obama and Atul Gawande. She also has a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

I'm, um, probably taller than she is? Must repeat the mantra: Things I could have accomplished if only I had a completely different personality are not actually things I could have, or should have, accomplished.

8/5/11: We're watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds and Dillo says, "I wish Daddy was here so he could watch this *fabulous* movie." The kids LOVE it.

8/2/11: This morning I found and shredded neat file folders of utility bills and credit card statements, dating to 2000-2003. We also have taxes back to 1990 (but I am keeping those, mr. flea, if you're reading this, even though you only need to keep the past 7 years!)

8/2/11: Me: What is this on your windowsill? Dillo: That's garlic, to keep the vampires away.

8/1/11: Played "Muskrat Love" for the children (after mr. flea mentioned hearing it in the bathroom at Kroger.) They were not impressed.

8/1/11: Today is day one of Camp Our Street, coordinated by Coach Mommy. Somehow I doubt my energy will match that of the wonderful coaches at the Athens YMCA.

7/31/11: Casper is eating banana muffins with chopsticks.

7/25/11: It turns out we don't have a copy of our marriage certificate. I hope HR accepts the "souvenir cards" the court sent us as proof of our 13-year marriage.
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