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We had our teacher conference with Mr. H on Friday, and the counselor and the gifted teacher (Mrs. U) sat in as well. Overall, Casper is doing well, but her reading struggles are becoming more of an issue. Last year she was running average; she's still making some progress, but now she's below average in reading, so we really need to work hard with her. Reading fluidity, recognizing words and dealing with phonics, and spelling are all issues; comprehension and anything more higher-order are not.

Interestingly, Mr. H noted that her performance is extremely variable and based on context. He had her pretend to be a TV reporter when reading aloud one day and her fluency increased noticeably. She did abysmally on the standardized tests at the start of the year (20% in reading and 40% in math), after doing above average to excellent on the CRCT in the spring, where the importance of the work was emphasized. So we're starting a project of having her read aloud for the camera at nights. For the spelling, I'm going to talk about pretty handwriting, and we're going to get out the Scrabble tiles. The phonics just does NOT click with her - she works much better as a sight-reader. I'm hoping adding more hands-on practice with physical things will help.

She's doing fine in math and very well in anything content-related (science, social studies, and spectrum). She loves learning new content - states of New England, Egyptian gods - and doesn't like the rote work and practice stuff. Surprise, surprise. The goal now is to bring her reading up to a level that it won't hold her back, because next year they basically assume you can read, and she can't, yet.
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