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Kids on Facebook - Jan-Feb 2013

Jan. 2
The children have gotten dressed up and are planning to marry each other. I think we're all ready for winter break to be over.

Jan. 5
Overheard from upstairs: "She wants bongo therapy."

Jan. 6
Today, the kids built M5 - the Mythbusters lab - out of lego. This beat the hell out of watching more Mythbusters, in my opinion.

Jan. 7
Unfortunately, there was no photograph taken to immortalize Dillo in his sister's tap dance recital outfit from May 2011. Suffice to say he was deemed adorable and the laughter was ear-splitting.

Jan. 8
Casper asked me if she could get on Facebook today (nope). Also, she wants a gmail (okay, we talked about emailing grandma and friends under my supervision, but we failed at setting it up since I used her actual birth year and they denied me). Here we go.

Jan. 10
"Mom, I feel partially ill." "Mom, what does ill mean?"

Jan. 12
"‎If I was a real live chicken, that would be a really big problem."

Jan. 13
We are building a small, simple, bedside table, and Dillo is so excited, and so adorable with it, that I can hardly stand it.

In Casper news, I gave her a board of her own on my Pinterest, and she has 1 picture of square watermelons, and 2 pictures of kittens.

Jan. 14
Dillo is voluntarily eating handfuls of raw spinach! Woah.

Jan. 19
Watching LOTR for the first time with the kids. Casper has decided that Legolas must be called "Mr. Prettypants."

Jan. 21
The children appeared at 4:39 am because I told them we could watch Return of the King this morning. It's worse than Christmas! (I made them go back to sleep/wait until 7am.)

Jan. 23
So, Casper is a Taylor Swift fan now. Relatedly, there isn't a movie of Romeo and Juliet that's appropriate for children, is there? (If you tell me Gnomeo and Juliet I will cut you.)

In Casper's musical taste defense, the first thing she asked me to play was Fur Elise, and she led off with "I like Beethoven." Love Story was second.

Jan. 28
They lost iPad priviledges tonight, so the kids have turned our living room into an iPad game. The rug is hot lava, and Casper is throwing flaming rocks at Dillo as he jumps from boulder to boulder. He gets three lives.

Feb. 4
Just walked home from school with the kids in almost comically picturesquely falling snow.

Feb. 5
"Why don't you want to put on my leotard? They're comfortable, they're stylish... you look GREAT in pink..." (Casper, to Dillo)

Feb. 6
Dillo announced on the way home that he wants to study EVERYTHING. Nobody was surprised.

Feb. 8
Dillo somehow has it in his head that we are going to Niagara Falls next weekend. I just checked, and Niagara Falls is 7 hours from here! We are so not going next weekend, unless he drives.

Dillo, describing the mating dance of a New Guinea Bird of Paradise: "I'm pretty, oh yeah, you females better love me, oh yeah!"

Feb. 15
"Mom, if you need me to, I will eat all that cake." Thanks for your willingness to sacrifice, buddy.

Feb. 16
I just counted the planes in Dillo's pile of paper airplanes: SIXTY-SIX. Note these are only planes he has made in the last couple of months, and note I recycle at least 5 other planes per week.

Feb. 17
We watched The Gay Divorcee this afternoon, and Casper has on her floor-length dress (meant as a beach coverup) and silver heels (hand me downs from her aunt) and is frisking around the house like Ginger Rogers.

Feb. 18
Four 4th graders are shooting a video about ... uh, scientific inventions, I think ... in my dining room. It's a fascinating sociological experiment for me.

Feb. 20
mr. flea and the children are in the other room discussion whether or not anyone has ever milked a whale. Now Casper is wondering if anyone has ever milked a tiger. My guess is no, eh?

Feb. 24
In "I need to work more on educating these kids" news, Casper just thought Adele was Madonna, and persists in thinking the name is "Mindonna."

Feb. 28
Me: What do you think about taking the kids to Brian Rose's AIA lecture next Tuesday night? He is a very engaging lecturer, even for people who know nothing about the subject.
mr. flea: Let Dillo be the judge of that.
(He's a clever kid, but it's true, his attention span is short. We have a lot of wiggling in movie theaters.) (I am sure that Brian would say "Challenge accepted!")