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Some names

The best name I know of right now is Casper's classmate, a rising 8th grader named Majestic.

Dillo's elementary school class lists came out yesterday. Most of the kids in his grade I have known for a while so their names do not bring anything new, but the early grades are a great mix of names. Gotta love a class where there are kids named Nigel, Egypt, Bhuvan, and T'yanna (those are 1st graders). Best name, presumably female: Princess-Ashley (1st grade); best name, presumably male: Kal-El (K). Worst name for a child living in modern America: Jihaad.
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[personal profile] meara 2016-07-27 03:02 am (UTC)(link)
Jihaad? Oh poor kid.
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[personal profile] veejane 2016-07-27 11:48 am (UTC)(link)
Jihaad can be like the Bob Asswipe of the future: "No, no, it's juh-HAID." But Kal-El is gonna be hard to pronounce any other way.

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