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Remember when I used to do "24 hours in my life" posts when they were babies? OMG the non-sleeping. They (mostly - Dillo had a night terror 2 nights ago at midnight) sleep through the night now, but we are still always exhausted. Here's why:

6 am: I get up and make coffee.
6:10-6:15 am: I wake up everyone else in the house. Note: it is pitch dark.
6:15-6:30: mr. flea and kids eat breakfast at the table. Casper drinks cafe latte and eats dry cheerios; Dillo has bran flakes (for the iron) with milk. I make my lunch and get dressed and stuff.
6:30: Casper gets dressed and packs her backpack. Lunches are made the night before. Check before leaving the house: books and homework, lunch, keys, phone.
6:40-6:45: Casper and I leave the house, walk to the bus stop. Still pitch dark. Currently nice view of Jupiter and Venus.
6:55: Casper's bus comes. I go home again. Meanwhile mr. flea had probably yelled "Just brush your teeth" at least 5 times at Dillo.
7:10: Dillo, mr. flea and I all leave to walk to Dillo's bus stop.
7:20: Dillo's bus comes. I walk to my bus stop. mr. flea goes home.
7:30: Casper is at school in math class. I catch my bus.
8:00: I am at work. Dillo arrives at school, which starts at 8:15.
8:30: I am not positive, but my guess is mr. flea does not leave for work until about this time. He is not a morning person. If he doesn't have Dad chauffeur jobs in the afternoon, he often walks. It's 1.2 miles, residential.
2:30: Casper's school lets out. Most days she comes straight home on the bus, getting home around 3:10. She does some homework and lazes around.
2:45: Dillo's school lets out. He takes the but to the Rec Center around the corner from us, arriving about 3:30.
5:00: I leave work.
5:40: I get to the Rec Center and pick up Dillo.
5:50: Everyone but mr. flea is home, and dinner is underway, as well as homework and such.
6:15: mr. flea is usually home by now. We eat dinner.
6:30-8:00: homework and stuff. Then at at, have snack, pack lunches, start getting to bed routine. Goal is to be in bed reading by 8:30 (both kids).
9:00: lights out for kids. I usually go to sleep by 9:30 and mr. flea is often up until 11.

This fall, Tuesdays Casper takes the bus to the university for dance class at 4:45, and I get off my bus early and meet here there, and we go home on the bus together after dance, at 6:45. Meanwhile, mr. flea picks up Dillo, feeds him, and gets him to soccer practice very far away by 6:30. They get home at 8. Homework is a nightmare on Tuesdays. Wednesdays I work late so mr. flea does all the evening stuff solo. Thursdays Dillo has soccer practice but Casper is free. Fridays Casper has dance, and Dillo and I have piano lessons, from 6:45-7:45 at the university. mr. flea usually drops us all off and picks us up.

So basically, I am gone from home 6:40am-5:50pm. That's a long time.

Date: 2015-10-22 09:18 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] loligo
Wow, that's a really early start for Casper's school!


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