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Baby Names of CT Prep School Alumni

Zachary Ethan
Palmer (F)
Aerin, Devon, and Drew (F)
Angelica Rebecca and big brother Hugo
Lila, big brother Jonah
Henry Martin
Olivia Ines, big brother Joaquin
Charlie Ray
Grace Hartley
Ayla J.
V. Grant
Mercedes "Mimi" Myers
Ada Zeynep
Fulton Keverling (M)
William Henry
Daphne Gautam
Juliet Jay
Ryan Rose (F)
Ryan Coddington

Note there were births reported from only the high school classes '94-'00, now aged approximately 30-36, and clearly in the prime childbearing years for the upper middle classes.
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And not a TyQuavious in the bunch, damn their eyes.

Ayla J.

This one, however, may have some embarrassing questions to ask her parents when she hits 12 and starts reading Clan of the Cave Bear.

Fulton Keverling

Gratefully named after the hospital in which he was born.