Afghan question for knitters

Sep. 16th, 2017 02:58 pm
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My next big project -- after daughter's afghan, which is now nearly ten years old -- may be a historic afghan pattern by Anne Orr.  It's Tunisian crochet in a worsted-weight yarn (modern equivalent to period "four-fold Germantown").   If I want an afghan I can wash as necessary, throw across couches, throw across laps, lather rinse repeat -- in short, one that will stand up to wear and time, what yarn do you recommend?  This is not a good time for Susie's Heirloom Hand-Dyed Handspun, because the finished product is 57" x 45", give or take gauge. Cheaper is better, but not so cheap as to be itchy or unpleasant to knit  I'm leaning acrylic for durability and washability, but I'm happy to hear what you'd use.   The primary colors are black, grey, and white, with a cross-stitch pattern in tapestry-weight yarn over the top.

Here's a color reproduction from the Dover reprint.   Here's a black-and-white picture of the original afghan, which Katharine Cornell worked on nightly in The Barretts of Wimpole Street.

My 2017 Yuletide noms

Sep. 13th, 2017 11:46 am
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Les Trois Mousquetaires | The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas (a.k.a. books only)
Milady de Winter
(open slot)

Golden Age of Piracy RPF
Anne Bonny
Mary Read
(open slot)
(open slot)

Greatcoats Series - Sebastien de Castell
Falcio val Mond
Brasti Goodbow

This year, for me, it's swashbuckling all the way! I will do a pimp post later; let me know if you have people you want in the open slots.

(no subject)

Sep. 11th, 2017 04:38 pm
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We were watching "The Grinder" on Netflix, and it's funny enough. Silly, but I am totally okay with silly these days. Rob Lowe is Rob Lowe-ing all over everything.

But now Timothy Olyphant has shown up as a villain. I am ON BOARD.

Yet more Equifax

Sep. 8th, 2017 12:26 pm
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 The attorney general of New York has protested to Equifax, and they have "clarified" that the waiver of rights to sue only applies to the security-monitoring service itself, and not to the existing security failure.

Expand the last question in the FAQ (  to see this clarification.

linkspam on a gray Friday

Sep. 8th, 2017 10:23 am
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It's been a terrible week. Have some puppies.

Turns out that turnabout isn't all that fair play: Catcalling dudes just isn't all that fun.

Shoulda called him Remington: a fake male entrepreneur gets more call-backs than the real women founders.

Medievalists struggle with the way nazis love them.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is on fire: And so the most powerful country in the world has handed over all its affairs-the prosperity of its entire economy; the security of its 300 million citizens; the purity of its water, the viability of its air, the safety of its food; the future of its vast system of education; the soundness of its national highways, airways, and railways; the apocalyptic potential of its nuclear arsenal-to a carnival barker who introduced the phrase grab 'em by the pussy into the national lexicon. It is as if the white tribe united in demonstration to say, "If a black man can be president, then any white man-no matter how fallen-can be president." And in that perverse way, the democratic dreams of Jefferson and Jackson were fulfilled.


ETA: If you think your data has been compromised (like mine!) by the Equifax breach, here's a guide on how to put a freeze on your credit. It's not perfect, but it's a start.


Holy crap the most comprehensive Metafilter post about pie. None more pie. (When come back, bring pie!)

Bookmarked for later evaluation: something about identifying your home style.

I haven't bought anything from Everlane yet, but I am interested in their new jeans. The Cut did a review; sadly they only chose thin women models, apparently all under 40, so I don't have a good sense of how they would do on my thickening menopausal frame. And of course the jeans themselves only go up to about size 14, it looks like. (Sigh.) The price point is appealing, though.


Courtesy of Metafilter, I have found a recipe for chai spice cake; I will experiment with it at some point and report back.

In the interim, I have to make a slab pie for an enormous memorial service next weekend. I don't have the energy to experiment, so if it doesn't work, it will just be composted.

This fucking year, I swear.
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You're fine if you use the existing form to check if you're affected, because it doesn't ask for a waiver.  However, don't sign the form Equifax offers for credit monitoring.  In the fine print, it waives your right to join class action suits. 

(no subject)

Sep. 7th, 2017 07:10 pm
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Driving to physical therapy, listening to "Seventy-Six Trombones":

Seventy-six trombones caught the morning sun,.
With a hundred and ten cornets right behind.
There were more than a thousand reeds
Springing up like weeds.
There were horns of every shape and kind.

Me: How come there were more than a thousand reeds but only seventy-six trombones?

Also me: Would you really want any more than seventy-six trombones? Or trombone players?

Me: You make a good point.

Are you American? The Equifax leak

Sep. 7th, 2017 04:50 pm
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Equifax just leaked personal info including any or all of birthdates, addresses, Social Security numbers, and/or credit card information for roughly half the adult population.

No.  Really.

To check if you were affected, go here:

If you get a date back, you *were* affected; set yourself a calendar reminder to go back to the site on the appropriate date and register for ... something yet to be determined. 

Equifax has known about this since July 29th.  The CFO and two other senior executives sold big chunks of stock three days later.
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a. I stopped reading The Power for a little, and started to read Neil Stephenson's SevenEves, which proceeded to keep me up at night because it was so completely depressing and horrible, but in the compelling Neil Stephenson way. I read it very quickly because I just skimmed through all the stuff about physics and spaceflight, and have finally reached part 3; A suggested that I would really like the last 200 pages or so of the book, so I am somewhat hopeful. I am also perpetually interested in Stephenson's ongoing attempt to write female characters who are more than their cup sizes (see earlier comments on Cryptonomicon, Anathem, and Reamde; I bounced off the Baroque cycle). I guess I find it interesting because on the one hand I admire Stephenson for trying, and think he should be given credit for doing so. He doesn't have to: there's a perfectly good market for books in which the female characters are basically walking brassieres. But also because I think his failures are interesting. As A put it here, he is trying really hard here to prove that he can write lots of different female characters, and mostly succeeds until he suddenly reduces them all to archetypes. And I find the limits of what he thinks possible interesting, too -- as with pure theory in Anathem, for example -- because here is a guy who is actually very imaginative, but htere are still really clear limits on what he is capable of imagining. And there are things here about women and power that I don't like, but again, I find it interesting that Stephenson can't escape from certain ideas about women and femininity.

It will be good to get back to The Power after this, because of the ways that book does understand gender as a social construction, and power as ungendered.

b. I am 2000 words into my crossovering story and... the main characters have met, at least? I can see that this will be a story where I have to get that very rough first draft written before I can go back and add in the emotional stuff that will make the whole thing work. I hope!

c. I have thoughts about the last season of Game of Thrones, mostly to do with pacing and plot logic. Here is one thing about the Winterfell plotline: under the cut )

4. On a completely different note, my Florida cousins, whose usual hurricane preparedness involves vodka and junk food, are clearly a little worried about this one. So I am too, on their behalf.


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